ISF #65. Teen Brunette In Lacy White Shorts Leads Double Header Sighting Outside Beer Gardens

It was the manic late evening hours of the my first day at the 2014 Iowa State Fair, and I had spent a lot of time in the last hour focusing on one special sighting, but took some detours from that sighting and even those proved hugely productive.  With time winding down for the evening as the clock approached 11:30,  I had to take one last voyage past the east side beer gardens area, a block that had already delivered in spades that day but had one more magical moment in store for me before quitting time. The moment began with the evening’s final genuine “discovery”, a knockout 18ish dark brunette standing sans an adult beverage (good indication that she was as young as she appeared) near the beer gardens entryway smoking a cigarette in the presence of two nonsmoking guys.  She was one of the half dozen or so smoker girl faces of the day that just leaped out at me that day because she was so beautiful and didn’t look like a smoker.  Raising the stakes of this profile was her black tanktop and ultrafeminine pair of skimpy white shorts with a mesh, lace pattern on the front.  It was quite a contrast to the freshly lit and stinky cigarette between her fingers….

Did her substance match her style on the smoking front, you ask?  Yeah buddy!  Her drags were intense and her exhales some of the cloudiest of the day, the drags featuring a trait I’ve only seen a few times before from hot young smoker girls….the gulp!  After every drag, her cheeks inflated like a blowfish with inhaled smoke that she then gulped down before exhaling.  This beauty was no amateur, and most adorably, there were two occasions where the taller nonsmoking guys she was with were on the receiving end of vicious secondhand smoke attacks as she looked up and talked to them while spewing her cancerous exhaust…..

Even after more than 12 hours of watching girls smoke that day, I was still capable of getting genuinely excited watching a performance like this, and had a nice vantage point to watch her consume nearly the entire cigarette, with long succulent drags she gulped down followed by giant cloudbursts of exhaled smoke that expelled the contents of her black lungs.  The sighting ended with a flourish as well as the bar was playing some sort of dance music and my girl started to shake her booty with the music in a well-choreographed groove that made her feminine assets wiggle in the sexiest imagineable way, those feminine shorts of hers being particularly impossible for me to take my eyes off.  She approached a food stand when she took her final drag and obnoxiously dropped her butt to the curb and I had no problem approaching it and identifying it as a Marlboro Black.  Naturally, I figured she was gonna order food at the stand as most people do, but she was apparently just socializing with whoever was working there for a couple of moments.  Why can’t I get smoker girls of her pedigree to start socializing with me?!?!?   This girl and the two guys she was with started walking the same direction as I was headed and I followed for a couple of minutes admiring that ass, and got particularly intrigued when I saw her fidgeting around in her purse, expecting that perhaps another cigarette would be smoked.  It never happened though and we parted ways soon after.

Now I chose to tell the narrative of the last girl in full because she was the highlight of my final walk to the east side beer gardens block, but there was oh so much more going on during that five-minute stretch.  Right in the middle of watching the brunette, I spotted another smoker girl across the street approaching the entrance of the beer gardens in the company of a guy.  She looked like she was in her mid-20s, dark blond, wearing a pink top and jean shorts.  She was attractive but I had a choice to make to cross the street and pursue her or continue to watch my teen brunette and I chose the teen brunette.  Still, I was able to witness from afar the nasty tricks this little hottie had up her sleeve.  She was right on the precipice of the beer gardens with cigarette in hand, but she and the nonsmoking boyfriend stopped for a moment before going inside, and I presumed it was to let her finish her cigarette.  So when they walked inside about a minute later, I took one more close look to confirm my suspicion that the cigarette was gone….but it wasn’t.  Here was this adorable blond scofflaw walking deep inside the beer gardens building still criminally brandishing a cigarette.  If only a sighting like this had transpired when I wasn’t distracted by an even hotter girl!

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