ISF #80. Guarding The Fair Gate In Shorts While Smoking

At the time, I wasn’t overly impressed with my sightings haul from Day 1 of the 2008 Iowa State Fair, but looking back the day actually produced a decent number of “doubles and triples” if few homerun sightings.  The best of those “triples” was this early evening sight for sore eyes that followed a dry half hour stretch….

The sightings-rich southeast side of the Iowa State Fairgrounds has a couple of traffic barricades on the street. There is always someone manning these barricades seated at the edge of the street. Well there were a cluster of five young people at the barricade at my early evening pass (three sitting, two standing) and one of the three sitting was an incredibly attractive long-haired light brunette who appeared to be about 18. She was the picture of sexy summertime perfection, seated there in a skimpy tanktop and khaki shorts with her tanned and well-toned legs crossed, and a burning cigarette held in her right hand resting atop her thigh. I observed for a few moments, unable to take my eyes off of the perfectly feminine pose she exhibited with those silky smooth legs mere inches away from the fiery cherry of her cigarette.

Her drags came infrequently (apparently they didn’t have fire-safe cigarette/s at that time in Iowa or hers would certainly have gone out) but produced tight little combination nose-mouth exhales when they did. I hung around for the duration of the cigarette but given her immobile position I had no opportunity to identify her butt.  I would return to this location about 15 minutes later, just in time for this girl and her friend (also attractive but nothing like the brunette smoker) to get up and proceed into the fairgrounds, indicating that they merely sat to socialize with the fair workers and weren’t fair workers themselves. What a wonderful encore to spend the next minute or so closely following these hotties, with my eyes sneaking glances at the smoker girl’s perfect ass and cellulite-free legs as she walked away, knowing that she was an addicted cigarette smoker.

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