ISF #7. Teen Smoking Goddess and Her Imitator Wear Their Cigarette Packs as Fashion Accessories

I had so many classic sightings at the 2010 Iowa State Fair, especially on Saturday and especially after dark on Saturday, but narrowly edging out the competition for best Iowa State Fair sighting of the year was this escalating sighting I scored in the late afternoon on that Saturday sightings safari…..

I hit my benchmark 50th sighting of the day in style near the bathroom area.  There is a cluster of benches not far from there and seated on them were two incredibly hot brunettes, both in the 17-18 range where they were either just about legal or barely legal.  I took note of their beauty but smoking wasn’t really on my radar, until I took one more look on my final pass and saw the girls had respective packs of Marlboro Lights resting comfortably on their crotches as they sat there.  A bench right next to them was open and I took it.  Neither girl was smoking, but the presence of these packs nonetheless made me include them as sightings.

The girls were adorable, and practically glowed with pride about the packs of cigarettes they were advertising on their denim-clad crotches.  Then they started checking their phones and managed to hold up their cigarette packs along with the phones.  It was as though these packs of cigarettes were extensions of their hot young bodies, as their every movement for the next few moments involved the cigarette packs moving with their hands.  It was so sexy, and I saw the darker brunette girl briefly looking inside her pack and saying to the other one “we should probably save some of these for later”.  I was bummed that I was apparently not gonna get an actual sighting.

The girls stood up and revealed their young bodies.  The dark brunette was a tad chubby but still hot as hell, decked out in a fairly conservative top and blue jeans.  I wouldn’t doubt if she was Italian based on her features.  Meanwhile the other girl was even hotter, with her still dark brown but less dark hair hanging almost all the way down her back, with a much more slender figure draped in sexy blue denim capris.  I moved onto their bench and looked around the pavement, further frustrated that there were no cigarette butts in sight below.  I watched them walk away and lamented what could very well have been my best sighting of the day if this had played out.

For the next half hour or so, I couldn’t get those girls out of my mind and scored another three average sightings.  I began moving to the south side of the grounds at around 6:30.  Now it’d have been better if I was able to build some suspense in my narrative here, but my favorite girls of the day came through that soon after I first saw them in the fashion of the previous week’s county fair where this same sort of thing happened several times.  The sighting that “would have been” my best sighting of the day a half hour earlier official became my best sighting of the day.

On a bench on the south side sat the two girls.  I immediately recognized a freshly lit cigarette in the hands of the chubbier brunette.  The more slender girl was next to her eating, but her pack of Marlboro Lights was half exposed, tucked into her bra underneath her gray tanktop.  If only these smoker girls had the slightest hint of how adorable they are.  I found an open place to stand across the street and watch the events unfold, and the fair cooperated as their nightly parade of horses was occurring at this time so I actually had a reason to be looking across the street in the girls’ direction.  At first I was disappointed in the chubbier brunette.  Her drags were weak with long distances between them.  It was still kind of cute that she was apparently a beginner smoker who was nonetheless advertising her habit based on the proud way she sported the pack of smokes on her crotch earlier.

I was now more interested in the slender girl as she wrapped up her fair food, as I just knew she would light up too.  And sure enough, the pack of smokes came out of her bra and she inserted one in the corner of her mouth, letting it dangle as she searched for her lighter.  This was interesting, I thought to myself observing her light up and then dangle the lit cigarette for a moment.  She sure seemed to be more comfortable with her cigarette than did the friend.  From there, she cut loose and took fierce 4-5 second drags, generating intense and cloudy exhales with them.  While her friend seemed to go 90 seconds between drags, she was lucky to go nine seconds, taking frequent and intense drags.  And then it stepped up even further….

The friend, no longer able to compete with her more slender and prettier friend, crushed out the remainder of her cigarette and put it back into the pack.  The girls were preparing to leave and the hottie did a good 20-second dangle as she inserted the pack back into her boobs.  Now it was the chubbier girl’s turn to get fair food.  The vendor she walked up to had no line, but the heavily addicted hot friend stood right next to her and perched her cigarette hand on the counter in full view of the vendor as if saying “You got that right buddy…I’m a hot girl who smokes”.  The girls then proceeded northward on the concourse and I followed at a discreet distance.

I followed as she was smoking the final drags from her cigarette keeping just enough of a distance to catch the already epic sighting’s impressive final act.  Since I wasn’t following closely enough to catch the headwind of her exhale, somebody else was, and in this case it was a little girl about 7 or 8 years old.  The smoker inadvertently spewed her noxious carcinogens into the walk space of the girl who at first wrinkled her nose in disgust and then went into a fake coughing fit as she proceeded.  Crazy hot stuff, all capstoned by the girl dropping her Marlboro Light butt to the pavement and crushing it out with her flip-flop.

There was so much going on in this sighting, but also so much subtext.  The chubbier girl was something of a protégé, who probably recently took up smoking to be like the friend, who clearly was a long-time pro.  And she seemed to be doing everything she could to mirror the glamour factor of the older smoker, right down to the two of them resting their packs on their crotches earlier.  Put into that context, the “we better save these for later” comment from the heavier girl seemed even more adorable, and you can almost imagine the other girl rolling her eyes hearing these naïve words from her best friend who was trying so hard to follow in her footsteps.  As stingy as I am with declarations of “epic” sightings, this one qualified.

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