ISF #69. A Hug Goodbye From Cigarette-Wielding Big Sister

My all-day visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair produced an incredible sightings haul only slightly less epic than the smoker girl onslaught of the previous year’s visit, and the highlight of the mid-afternoon hours was seeing a blond college girl immersed in this adorable family dynamic with cigarette in tow…..

I was walking in front of one of the bars on the east side of the grounds when I spotted a family standing on the grass that featured a middle-aged woman, two college-age girls, and two little girls about 10 or 11 years old.  Right away, I saw the prettiest of the two college girls was wielding a cigarette.  She didn’t look like a smoker with her ponytailed blond hair and decked out in her pink top and jean shorts, but not only was she smoking right then and there, she was the only one in the group smoking.  And I’m not sure of the context, but the two younger girls seemed to be lamenting that they were about to separate, at which point the smoker comforted the two girls by giving them stinky hugs, immersing them with her stench while holding her cigarette behind their heads as she warmly hugged them one by one.

The group would stick close for a couple more minutes as blondie finished off her cigarette, proving to be yet another girl that day with a very impressive smoking technique.  Seeing big sister smoke this way in front of her nonsmoking family while decked out in her wholesome pink top and jean shorts really drew me to her.  Even though she was all but leaning on a garbage can, she still piggishly dropped her cork filter cigarette to the ground and crushed it out, moments before the groups separated with the younger girls going off and mom and the two college-age girls going into the nearby bar.  I was a little surprised she was 21, as she looked more like 19, but her departure allowed me to identify her discarded cork filter cigarette butt….a Marlboro Smooth.  It’s heartwarming that with more and more pressure on smokers to not litter their butts, so many continue to be politically incorrect pigs dropping their butts wherever they please, in some cases like this one even where there’s a garbage can very closeby.

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