ISF #67. Young Mommy In Pink Shorts Walks The Concourse Smoking a Cigar

Despite being my least productive day of fairgrounds fetishing in years, my first Saturday at the 2012 Iowa State Fair still produced a dozen or so memorable moments and few golden images, including this would-be classic from early evening that ultimately left me wanting for more even though I still give it props for being one of the most classic images of the summer….

I was journeying westward on the Grand Concourse and took note of this tool of a boyfriend/husband pushing a stroller containing a daughter who looked about two years old, while the surprisingly wholesome-looking light brunette mommy…was smoking a cigar!  It was the final inch or so of a plastic-tipped Black ‘N’ Mild and it looked WAY out of place between the fingers of this 22ish cutie wearing an orange tanktop and pinkish striped shorts.  Looking at the image of this girl, the last thing you’d expect to see was a cigar in her hand.  I wouldn’t doubt if other fairgoers walking by and smelling cigar smoke in the air were looking for its source and were positively shocked that it was coming from her.  She had a lighter in the same hand as the cigar which informed me she had just relit the thing and probably only smokes a little bit of her cigars at a time.  I followed close by and snapped a few rear photos which were okay but you can barely make out that she has a cigar in her hand given the diminutive size of what was left.  More luxurious was bathing in the smelly exhales that came whenever she took a drag, which unfortunately didn’t come often.

Frustration followed, however, as she sat down near the exit with the husband and the little girl, clearly waiting for somebody.  I stood by for a full five minutes and she never took another drag.  It was cute seeing the daughter come out of the stroller and being fairly close to mommy, knowing that mommy stunk of cigar, but I was pulling my hair out as she failed to take additional drags from the plastic-tipped cigar.  About 15 minutes later, I returned to this spot to find no trace of either the couple or a cigar butt.  This was still probably my third favorite sighting of the day but like so many that day, had the potential to be so much more.

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