ISF #53. Heavy-Smoking Jewel Lookalike Smokes Multiples In Front Of Nonsmoking Boyfriend

It was early afternoon on my “Day 3″ at the 2014 Iowa State Fair and I was walking around this alleyway that leads around one of the buildings and has a bathroom area and a big hill leading up to the east side of the grounds.  A lot of times in this area you’ll catch a couple of hotties sitting on the hill for a smoke break, and yesterday as I walked by I saw this impossibly wholesome couple where the girl had just gotten up off the grass and was approaching a garbage can.  She was the picture of Midwestern wholesomeness with a beautiful face, her dark blond hair in a ponytail, and wearing a nice white blouse and black shorts.  As she stepped up to that garbage can, I watched her toss two cigarette butts into it.  D’oh!  I had just missed a great sighting, but at the same time watching her toss those butts into the trash at least confirmed to me she was a smoker.  It was the first time ever that a girl throwing her butt into the trash worked to my advantage.  I walked away annoyed that I missed it, never imagining this was poised to become my second-best sighting of the day….

Less than an hour later I was walking past the tables behind The Depot and saw a familiar wholesome blond cutie with her boyfriend sitting at one of the tables with a beer in front of her, a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers, and a pack of Marlboro Menthols right in front of her.  This most unlikely smoker, who looked a fair amount like singer Jewel, who teased me less than an hour earlier was finally gonna give me a show, and the nearly empty lineup of benches was perfect to position myself for a front-row seat, complete with action shots of her smoking.  There was an odd haze to the photo quality that left them less than perfect, but I was still satisfied, and even more so when I sat back to watch her smoke as it was just spectacular to see a cigarette approach that perfect wholesome face and draw in smoke.  And most curiously, the boyfriend wasn’t smoking.  Would this change?  I’d have to wait and see but for now I was mesmerized watching her solid, well-timed drags and cloudy sexualized exhales.  Looking down underneath the table I could see those nice black shorts of hers and I’ll just bet I was unconsciously licking my lips at the entire presentation.  She made pretty quick work of the cigarette and crushed it out on the ground before sitting the butt on the seat next to her, clearly planning to toss it in the garbage later.  I knew she dropped her butts into the trash can so that didn’t surprise me, meaning I was lucky to have seen the pack in front of her and ID her brand…..

I just had a feeling this sighting wasn’t done yet, and she confirmed my suspicion by taking out another cigarette and lighting up a couple of minutes later.  This was a face I would never have imagined to have had one cigarette touch its lips, but here this girl was on at least her third cigarette of the last hour.  The show was once again beautiful, with a solid smoking show that should be taught in schools to young girls on how a pretty young gal should properly smoke a cigarette and exude the highest level of femininity while doing so.  I watched her smoke the entire cigarette, pleased with every drag as I’m sure her black insides were, and continued to be intrigued by the fact that the boyfriend didn’t light up at all.  Up until now, when I saw her drop two cigarettes into the garbage can when I saw her an hour earlier, I figured she and the boyfriend each smoked one.  While that’s still possible, anecdotal evidence was now pointing to wholesome blondie having smoked two in a row by herself then and now!  What a spectacular find!  She crushed this cigarette out like the first and, living up to her goody-two shoes presentation in every way expect for her insatiable nicotine dependency, went to the nearest dumpster to dispose of the butts in the most environmentally friendly fashion.  I snapped a couple rear photos of her in her black shorts as they walked off, feeling perky now and knowing she’d be one of my better sightings of the day.

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