ISF #52. Glamorous Coed Duo Spark Up Marlboro Reds On The Concourse

The first few hours of my first day of the 2014 Iowa State Fair seemed likely to be a repeat of the previous couple of years, with sightings few and far between, but in the mid-afternoon I got my first indication that the day was gonna be different than those early hours indicated.  I was walking down the main stretch of the concourse behind the grandstand when I spotted this sexpot 19ish duo approaching a garbage can. My radar was definitely not buzzing with anticipation as these two looked like the sort of upscale coeds who would never be smoking in the year 2014. The ponytailed light brunette in a skimpy bare midriff flower print top with jean shorts drew my attention first as I approached, and I was shocked when I saw she was holding a freshly lit cigarette in her hand.

I quickly changed positions to get a better look and then I noticed she had a second cigarette which was all bent and busted up that she was tossing into the garbage. But then I noticed the equally gorgeous light brunette friend in a conservative gray top and tight white pants was also holding a cigarette, still unlit. As crazy as it would have seemed when I approached these two, they were indeed both smokers. I got a honey of a photo of the girl in white pants lighting up her cigarette before the two wandered off down the concourse. My first pursuit was to take a peek inside that garbage and see if I could get a brand name off of the discarded half cigarette, and I did. Sitting right atop the trash pile was a cork filter cigarette with the unmistakable markings of a Marlboro Red. Who woulda thought?!?!?

From there I quickly caught back up with the girls, walking mostly behind them and taking in their stinky exhales while admiring the spectacular body of the bare-midriffed babe in jean shorts, taking a few photos of her awesome body and capturing the cigarette between her fingers in most of them. I also wanted a risky frontal shot and managed to walk around them and score a pretty decent one. It was now time to settle in for the rest of the smoking show as the girls sat on a curb to finish their cigarettes and I crossed the street to watch the second half of their show. I had spent most of my time admiring the bare-midriffed sexpot with her hair up in a ponytail because of that amazing presentation, but watching the girl in white pants, whose long hair flowed over her shoulders, I had to acknowledge that she was just as pretty as the friend….and she was the better smoker of the two to boot, taking more frequent drags and producing cloudier exhales. Her smoking style was a little more masculine than I’d prefer but she still pulled it off, averaging two drags for every one the friend took as they sat there chatting, oblivious to the fact that they were being watched by at least one guy. Some random middle-aged woman stopped in front of them to either ask something or make a statement. I couldn’t hear it, but was kind of hopeful they were being lectured about their smoking….

After a good 5-7 minute show that consisted of walking and sitting, the girl in white pants crushed out her cigarette on the pavement and let it sit there while the bare-midriffed friend finished hers off about a minute later, unfortunately crushing it out and taking it to the nearest garbage can. I crossed the street when they left to check out the butt crushed out onto the pavement by the girl in white pants, and while I already knew it was a Marlboro Red based upon what was thrown in the garbage moments earlier, I couldn’t really tell from what was left on the cigarette so I’m lucky I got the butt ID from the trash can or it would remain a mystery. I took one final look at these two and briefly wondered if they were sisters as much alike as they looked despite the dramatically different presentations. I still suspect they were just friends, but it’s hard to ask for a better sighting than this in the year 2014, the public consumption of tobacco by exactly the kind of girls who most of us fetishers get most excited about seeing light up. The fact that I got to see the entire cigarettes get smoked by both of them made it that much more special. Even if I didn’t get a single other decent sighting that day, it was already worthwhile for having seen these two.

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