ISF #6. The Tall Blond I Would Later Know As Brittny

Here was a sighting from my Saturday ISF visit in 2008 that was a blockbuster then but would develop into an epic as I would come to know the girl who was the subject of my affections….

That sunny Saturday started with a pretty impressive array of smoking in the first 15 minutes after arrival in the morning.  Unfortunately virtually none of it was being done by attractive young females. There was a cluster of 30-something gals wielding cigarettes, but only one of the three would I consider attractive enough to count as my first sighting of the day. The morning hours are usually fairly unproductive, but that morning was downright ridiculous. It would be well over an hour before I would come across my second sighting of the day, but was it ever worth it when I finally did.  In the benches outside of a restaurant sat a family with two teenage daughters. The youngest was brunette and about 14, but the oldest was a long-haired blond who looked about 18 and was incredibly attractive. Even though she was sitting down, it seemed as though she was quite tall in comparison to everybody else in the family, particularly due to her short khaki shorts that revealed a long pair of sexy smooth legs. She had the look of a smoker, even though she wasn’t smoking at the time. I made a mental note of her and would return in the near future to see if my hunch was correct.

And it was….the family was still there about 20 minutes later when I returned, and the beautiful older daughter was smoking. The off-brand pack of Marlboros (with the bronze logo) sat in front of her along with her lighter. The seating arrangement made it very hard for me to observe her smoking progress so I kept moving from point to point hoping to get a better look but remain inconspicuous. Unfortunately, the girl was clearly paranoid, not so much because she saw me watching (I don’t think she did), but because she was smoking in an area that I believe is forbidden even though it was outside the restaurant. I walked away before she finished her cigarette considering the sighting somewhat of a lost opportunity, but I was fortunate enough to have an encore act in the near future..

Fast forward an hour or two, after plodding along through sightings mediocrity for a few hours now and I was walking through an outdoor seating area near a fountain on the southeast side of the fairgrounds where a lot of smokers tend to congregate. Sitting there was the blond beauty and her younger sister, engrossed in casual conversation and the text messages they repeatedly sent. I stopped for a bit to see if any tobacco use would ensue, but when none did, I moved on. Still, I kept returning to this seating area every 15 minutes or so, and the girls remained there the entire time, but with nary a cigarette in sight. But when I decided to have my lunch at about 2:00, I purchased my gyro and proceeded to the seating area where the girls continued to sit. Not long afterward, mom showed up and sat on the bench next to them. It seemed intriguing that the girl waited until after mom arrived before reaching for her own purse. I knew exactly what I was in for in the split second before that familiar bronze pack of Marlboros re-emerged. She inserted a fresh cigarette into the corner of her mouth and dangled it for a few seconds before sparking up. This time, I was seated in the perfect spot to watch her every extended inhale, followed by her cloudy combination nose-mouth exhale. It was quite a sight to behold as she conversed with mom and sister, yet stunk up their small corner of the fairgrounds with her cigarette for the next 5-7 minutes. As she crushed out that cigarette, I knew I had just witnessed one of my best sightings of the day, and I was right.

Fast forward once again, this time to the summer of 2010 where I met a hot blond 20-year-old on an online dating site named Brittny and exchanged notes with her for a couple of months.  She made it clear early that I was too much older for her to be romantically interested in me, but we still had a good connection and every time I looked at her photo I had a sense of deja vu.  A couple of weeks after our daily discourse began, I found myself exchanging more notes with her the evening before I left for my Saturday visit to the Iowa State Fair, and she said she also planned to attend the fair the next day with her family.  It was that point that it hit me….Brittny was the girl from the above-cited sighting….or at least I thought so…

The uncertainty killed me so I presented my story to her from two years earlier, minus the stalking part, and cited how I remembered a cute blond sitting by the fountains smoking a cigarette.  As expected, I was right, and she remembered the setting perfectly, even citing a guy she met there in a white wifebeater who I remembered seeing with her at one point during my numerous passes.  We both had a small world moment, and knowing that I was talking to the same girl who smoked so openly in front of the family raised the stakes of both this sighting and of Brittny herself.

And sure enough, the next day it happened.  I saw Brittny with the family, decked out in a utilitarian white T-shirt and black shorts that fit her nicely.  I watched from a distance for about 20 minutes hoping to see her light up, but never did.  I drifted elsewhere planning to reemerge semiregularly and see if she was smoking, but when I returned, the family was gone.  But lo and behold, not 10 minutes later I was walking past the bathrooms and saw her standing there by herself, presumably waiting for the family to leave the bathroom.  I didn’t know if she would be creeped out or not but I decided it was a perfect opportunity to approach her and say hi…and did.  I certainly caught her off-guard, but we did greet each other warmly, but I could tell she preferred me not to embarrass her in front of the family and wandered off after that first greeting.

In the following weeks, I kept contact with Brittny, but she found herself a new boyfriend and would delete her online personals profile shortly after.  In  more than a decade of fetishing, this was my only sighting that would ever come to life at any point in the future.  And the fact that I now have a name to go with this face, particularly from a girl as classy and friendly as Brittny, has lifted this sighting from its former berth in my top-15 to an adjusted top-10 in my reconfiguration.

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