ISF #51. Cigar-Smoking Wholesome Teen Brunette With Tight Jeans And Braided Hair

My midweek evening visit to the 2013 Iowa State Fair was one of my worst nights of fetishing ever, yet it produced two marquee moments that played out simultaneously around 9:15 p.m.  As I saw a crowd moving from the east side of the grounds to the main concourse, I figured the Jana Kramer concert on the free stage was over and was heading the direction of the stage so I’d be facing the crowd exiting, but was sidetracked at the center of the grounds and my eastward journey would be delayed.  In a cluster of three was a late teen light brunette girl…..holding a Black ‘N’ Mild cigar.

It’s a funny pattern among my fairs.  Almost every year at my county fair I score sightings of pregnant smokers….and almost every year at the Iowa State Fair I get a cigar sighting.  But I have never gotten a cigar sighting from a teen girl quite this wholesome-looking.  We’re talking about a girl with her light brunette hair hanging over her shoulder in a braid, and correspondingly soft features to go with it.  When I laid eyes on her and saw her insert that plastic-tipped cigar into her mouth for a very lengthy 5-6-second drag, my “finally!” moment for the entire Iowa State Fair had arrived.  She was standing up so I was able to admire the awesome body that went along with the face, draped in skin-tight pale blue jeans which couldn’t have possibly been more sexy on her.  She turned her head to the left to exhale and I made a point of changing positions to walk past it, getting literal goose bumps as I smelled the stinky cigar smoke and knew that this wholesome 18ish girl was responsible for the stench.

Unfortunately, nothing at the 2013 Iowa State Fair can occur without a buzzkill qualifier, and I would soon get one as she handed the cigar to the guy sitting on the bench across from her, who proceeded to drag from it himself.  And moments later, the OTHER guy sitting on the bench next to him got a drag of his own.  She was sharing the cigar with two guys, which needless to say was not the ideal arrangement.  Still, I stuck around until girlie extended her hand to get the cigar back, defying expectations again as her adorable face wrapped its lips around that plastic cigar tip and ingested another very significant snootful of smoke, which she proceeded to exhale stinkily throughout the reasonably busy location.  She took two drags, and then handed the cigar back to the guy.  At this point, I had to walk away as this was a key time to score some potential sightings with the Jana Kramer concert wrapping up and I couldn’t wait for a cluster with two guys out of three participants to finish a less-than-half-smoked cigar.

My instinct was good as I got entangled in my other great sighting of the night during that departure, but when that sighting played out I returned to the center of the grounds and my timing was perfect as my girl was still there and had just reclaimed possession of the cigar, which now appeared to be mostly smoked.  But the group then began walking away to the south side of the grounds.  I followed, watching that incredible ass in that tight pale blue denim wiggle forward, with the stub of a very stinky cigar only inches away from it.  She proceeded to take no fewer than five consecutive drags from it over the next minute or so, much shorter drags than the monsters she took when the cigar was just lit.

While she was sharing this thing with the two guys, it was abundantly clear that it was HER cigar as she maintained possession of it for about 60% of the time and smoked about that much of it as well.  Still, as with before whenever I got the most passionate about this sighting, one of the guys would hold out his hand to request the cigar and my heart would sink.  They ended up getting immersed in a huddle of fellow late teen friends and since there was so little left of the cigar anyway, I pressed forward.  This was still my second best sighting of the night and will certainly make my blog as a singled-out greatest hit next spring, but if the girl had the cigar to herself it would have probably been among my ISF top-10.

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