ISF #59. Blond Smoker Babe Stinks Up The Radio Station Booth

It was late afternoon on my all-day visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2011 and I had just scored a whopper of a sighting and was lucky enough to score this fantastic follow-up only moments later….

Walking across the concourse together as if a couple was the interesting duo of a tall late 40s guy and a gorgeous platinum blond girl in her early-to-mid 20s decked out in a green top and khaki shorts.  She was smoking and he wasn’t.  Now despite the obvious age difference it didn’t seem that abnormal that these two might be a couple, but that adorable face really did not seem like a fit for this average middle-aged joe she was with.  They proceeded down a sidewalk near the bathroom and I would get the answer as they approached the back end of a trailer where a radio station was broadcasting.  They weren’t lovers…they were colleagues.

The guy made a couple parting comments to the beautiful blond before opening the door of the trailer and walking inside, leaving the girl to stand outside and finish her cigarette.  And what a show it was, with massive clouds of smoke gushing out of this girl’s mouth and nose.  Her drags were frequent but interestingly she made the cigarette last quite a while, which was just great by me as it meant seeing more from her.  There seemed to be a permanent residue of carcinogenic smoke hovering in front of this girl’s beautiful face given the frequency and density of her exhales….and that carcinogenic cloud represented an adorable contrast to her otherwise extremely wholesome and feminine image.

She wrapped up her cigarette and tossed the all-white butt to the edge of the pavement.   I watched her open up that trailer door and step into that confined trailer where the radio station was broadcasting, and where I had seen at least three people inside before she went in.  Hard to even imagine how much her stench would have filled up the room in those tight quarters, and I got off imagining how some of them were repulsed by it.  I then walked over and identified her discarded butt, a Marlboro Light Menthol, that had just been consumed by one of my top-five sightings of the day.

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