ISF #37. Heavy-Smoking Brunette Smokes In Front Of Cop And Little Girl…At The Same Time!

A little after 7 p.m. on the generally unproductive second day at the 2016 Iowa State Fair, I was bummed to have had a near-miss on a teen smoker girl sighting, but I wouldn’t have long to feel sorry for myself as I was migrating south and only a couple of minutes later saw this extremely hot dark brunette in a white blouse and incredibly tight navy blue cutoffs extracting an all-white cigarette from her purse and installing it in her lips.  Oh how I’d have loved to get a pic of her light-up but she was too quick.  I’m guessing she was about 24 and had an overflowing quotient of IT factor smoking her cigarette in the presence of a boyfriend I at first presumed was a nonsmoker.  Pretty much immediately, the sighting got active as the smoker girl came across a young girl who looked about six in the presence of an older woman.  I’m very skeptical the girl was her daughter but it’s possible.  The ashtray-mouthed sexpot excitedly greeted the young girl and almost immediately approached one of the fairgrounds police with freshly lit cigarette in hand, almost as if asking if it’s okay if she smokes in the fairgrounds.  She went on to engage in about a minute of friendly banter with this police officer as if they were good friends before chatting it up again with the older woman, the young girl, and her boyfriend/husband, with her being the only smoker of the four.  She held her cigarette up in a bent-elbow pose about even with her shoulder, presumably to avoid torching the little girl with it.  I was feverishly taking photos of the sighting’s marquee interactions with both the young girl and the cop and thinking I was landing some great ones, even though her drags came fairly slowly.  More later on why my photos didn’t quite live up to expectations…..

The group hovered for a couple of minutes before they started drifting into the midway.  I followed, continuing to snap photos and enjoying this girl’s presentation which practically dripped with sex appeal, and never more than when she took a drag from her cigarette.  Slowly paced as they were, she nailed the drags and especially the delayed exhales, where smoke hung out inside her black lungs for a good 7-8 seconds on a couple of occasions before I watched her tilt her head up to exhale a nice stream into the early evening sky.  I was taking plenty of risks here and especially when the group started a stop-and-go routine in the midway, always forcing me to stay on my toes to not get busted and moving away out of sight on occasion.  At one point I did this and she no longer had the cigarette when my eyes caught back up with her, but then I noticed a two-thirds smoked cigarette in the hand of the boyfriend/husband and it took the wind out of my sail a little bit as I hoped she was the only smoker of the group.  I nonetheless walked away figuring this would likely be my best sighting of the night, but thankfully for me this girl was far from done.  As for all those photos I had gotten, it was approaching sunset and for whatever reason there was a dark shadow hovering in this location for all of my pics.  Most of them turned out enough to see her, but none of them are vibrant enough to fully appreciate her.  If there’s a way to brighten these photos after they’re taken on either my phone or my computer I’m not aware of it, so I’m afraid I’m stuck with darker photos of her.

It was a generally frustrating night but about an hour later I would get some relief from this frustration with an encore performance from the evening’s star player as a cluster of two young guys and gals was walking west down the concourse, two of whom were wielding cigarettes.  It was that dark brunette in the tight navy blue cutoffs previously seen exposing cops and small children to her carcinogenic trail of death.  She was such a sight for sore eyes and I had an open path to follow her this time.  As we walked, the reasonably attractive mid-20s blond in their group produced a cigarette of her own.  The brunette had to give the blond her cigarette which the blond used to bring her own cigarette to life before passing it back to the brunette.  Once again, the brunette was a slow smoker, which is always frustrating but her drags were so natural and her exhales so rewarding after her considerable hold times that it more than made the wait worthwhile.  The blond was a mediocre smoker which made it easier to keep my eyes glued on this brunette and savor the aura of hotness and tobacco stench she was radiating.  I made sure I kept close enough tabs on her to see when she dropped her cigarette to the pavement so I could ID the butt of the evening’s lone star.  It was a Marlboro Light.

Another hour plodded along with few genuine rewards, but there was a dark brunette hottie lurking on these grounds who seemed to have a cigarette every time I laid eyes on her.  Thankfully that streak would continue as I headed to the east side of the grounds and saw the two sets of young couples emerging from the east side beer gardens, with the brunette lighting up her third cigarette that I had witnessed on the night.  It was, again, a struggle to keep tabs on her given that she was immersed in this cluster of four and smoked so slowly, but I guess I can’t hold her slow smoking against her too badly when you factor in that she seems to have a lit cigarette in her hand or mouth basically nonstop.  Thankfully, they settled at an empty table between two bars at the main beer gardens and the two guys and the brunette puffed away there.  As usual, there was no good place for me to observe this and I was forced to walk in a semicircle on the concourse to catch a couple of her drags, the latter of which produced a honey of a cloudy, skyward-directed exhale.  Having seen three cigarettes from this girl that night, I was making mental comparisons of the star sighting of the previous year’s Iowa State Fair, the white-dressed dangling drag queen from the double mother-daughter sighting who attended the Alabama concert.  This year’s girl absolutely had the star power to rival her, but lacked the stylistic excesses of the dangling dragger, plus I just couldn’t get close enough to her for an extended front-row-seat sighting.

I scored a few decent finds in the evening’s final hour but it was still a disappointed night and I was heading to the shuttle bus to call it an evening shortly after 11:30, making a final pass down the concourse and past The Depot in hopes of buffeting my numbers up a couple.  I didn’t get a new sighting as I walked past The Depot but I did see an old favorite… dark brunette sexpot in the tight navy blue cutoffs….and she was smoking AGAIN!  This was her fourth cigarette of the night that I saw, which basically amounted to every time I saw her.  It made me wonder if she was smoking nonstop through the night or if I was just catching her every time she was smoking.  I found the nearest bench and took a quick gander but, as usual, there always seemed to be someone hovering in front of her and preventing me from getting a good view and I was standing out like a sore thumb on these empty grounds, which wasn’t good since this group had undoubtedly noticed my presence a number of times earlier in the night.  I was excited that I got to see so much smoking from her and was able to walk away from this decidedly below-average night at the fair with one superstar.


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