ISF #38. Midteen Smoker Blond And “Cousin Lisa” Smoke Together While Waiting For Mom

I was having a really great night on my second half-day visit to the 2015 Iowa State Fair and the final hour was really rallying for me.  It was past 11:30 and while it’s possible I could have challenged my one-night midweek record of 97 sightings that I scored in 2011, I was more than happy to hit the brakes with my final girl of the night and let her be the 2015 Iowa State Fair’s swan song.  A trio of younger people were moving east on the concourse and I could have sworn I spotted a freshly lit cigarette in the hands of the girl walking the outside lane of the group of three.  I turned around to make sure as she looked pretty young, far younger than most girls I’d seen smoking at the ISF this year.  As I walked to her side to study her features, it became clear this girl was underage…and beautiful….and smoking!  What gives here!  I’d been waiting the entire ISF to see a hot underage teen smoking a cigarette and had to wait till the very last sighting of the entire year to get it, but it made it all the more worthwhile.

She was a long-haired dark blond in a white tanktop, tight dark blue jeans that outlined a perfectly sculpted 16 or 17-year-old body, and cowgirl boots on her feet.  But that face…oh that face.  She had the softest skin tone and the most innocent look about her.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see that girls like her are still taking up the smoking habit.  And she was the only smoker in her threesome too.  Another girl about her age was talking and appeared to be agreeing upon the terms of where to meet in a few minutes as she seemed to want to buy one last item of fair food.  Then there was a scruffy late 20s guy whose presence confused me also walking with them and didn’t seem at all in place.   The nonsmoking girl drifted away while the teen smoking cutie and the scruffy guy pressed forward until they met a late 30s or early 40s unattractive blond woman standing on the curb as though she was waiting for them and smoking a cigarette herself….

I was certain I was looking at the mother-daughter sighting of the year but would later get a clarification on that.  Either way, I was positioned perfectly to take a bench and watch the two females–and one in particular–smoke their cigarettes as they waited, the teen girl casually bantering with the older woman as they bonded over their stinky and addictive habits in front of hundreds of fairgoers walking by.  Eventually, the guy walked away.  Not sure what his role here was but I’m assuming he was family of some sort.  Perhaps he couldn’t stand the cigarette stench from the females any longer!  Whatever the case, it was just the two of them, and the girl proved herself quite skillful and no beginner at smoking, taking nice drags and producing solid exhales.

I tried to get a couple of photos, knowing they wouldn’t turn out well but with the inconvenient placement of the lights they ended up completely worthless.  When I got up close for the photos though, I was able to admire that adorable and stinky face, clearing up for me without a doubt that she was no older than 17.  Her pacing was a tad slow early on but picked up as the cigarette’s size decreased along with her patience for waiting.  She let the older woman I thought was her mom know that she was getting annoyed with waiting and started whining about it.  The older woman told her they should just continue to wait, although I sympathized as I suspected it was a typical case of confused signals amongst a large group that split up at the fair with plans to meet up later.  Her smoking pace hit its crescendo with the final three drags and she finished off the cigarette with a solid triple play with cloudy exhales before dropping the butt to the pavement and then absolutely obliterating it with her boot in a way I hadn’t seen done yet by a girl this year.  I figured the butt would be ripped to smitherines but somehow it wasn’t, yet the magnitude of impact she depressed upon it would make it easier to ID when she left amongst the cluster of cigarette butts laying in that spot….

But they weren’t leaving, continuing to hover there waiting for others in their party as I impatiently watched the clock myself, knowing I needed to be on my shuttle bus by midnight and it was 11:50 now.  I got a fun little distraction though as a couple other blond teenage hotties that knew my teen smoker walked by and started chatting with her for a minute or so.  It was here I got the context of who the older woman was as the teen smoker said “This is my cousin Lisa”.  This context put cold water on the mother-daughter storyline but it was still hot to witness given the generational difference.  But in a minute or so, the people they were supposed to meet arrived….and it was all middle-aged women.  They walked away from the curb when they saw them, giving me my opportunity to check out her discarded cigarette butt pulverized by her boot a few minutes later, a Camel Light Menthol.  It was time for me to leave but I made one pass by the group of older women with one smelly teen girl amongst them, and the girl was clarifying something in a semi-bratty tone as she told one of the middle-aged women that “just to clarify….”.  I didn’t pick up on the specifics but it sounded like it had something to do with someone they new as the middle-aged woman listened to the teen girl with stinky breath lecture her upclose.  With that last bit of lusciousness out of the way, it was regrettably time for me to go after an evening that really ended with a flourish.

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