ISF #36. Blond Bombshell Chainsmokers At The BlackHawk Concert

I faced a major decision in the early evening of my first day at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.  The day had been pretty awful thus far for smoker sightings and the time was approaching for a concert by the country-rock group BlackHawk, which was one of my favorite groups when I was in  high school.  Should I cut my losses from this weak day and attend the concert or try to salvage some greatness perusing a more heavily traveled portion of the grounds where smoker girls would more likely be?  I opted to attend the concert, and little did I know it would produce my best stretch of sightings of the day.

During the 8:00 hour as the concert was ongoing, I perused the perimeter of this  concert grounds and was surprised to continue to tick off sightings of above-average young ladies, but after thinking about it, it sort of made sense.  I came of age in the mid-90s when BlackHawk was at the peak of their popularity.  At the same point in time, teen smoking rates were spiking at their highest rates since the late 1970s so a lot of the late 20s and early 30s gals who were fans of BlackHawk back in 1995 have likely carried their smoking habits with them into adulthood.  While I wasn’t likely to get any sightings of 17 year old cuties at this concert, it was clear a good number of my demographic contemporaries were aging gracefully here, and if you had told me I’d stumble upon my best sighting of the day on the periphery of the BlackHawk concert, I’d have told you that you were crazy, but that’s exactly what happened….

The new horse building on the grounds served as kind of a back wall to this outdoor concert venue and it served as a good spot for people seeking some level of isolation for a smoke break.  And luckily for me, I got there in time to see a duo of late 20s blonds doing just that, FINALLY  bringing a healthy dose of glamour to the evening.  The first girl was plenty pretty, a darker blond in a dark top and pink shorts, but the second girl was a perfect 10 knockout, a curly-haired platinum blond with a blue-and-white striped top and rocking a tight pair of white pants.  She was by far the prettiest girl I had seen all day with a cigarette in her mouth with soft features that matched her feminine outfit, and her smoking dominated my observation.

It’s possible that she noticed me as she was constantly changing positions making it hard to get extended vantage points of her smoking even though I was close, but the drags I did see were very pleasing, with nice slow and extended draws producing pleasured looks on her already gorgeous face that didn’t abate until the smoke slowly trickled from her face.  It was easy to focus on her because the other blond dropped her still-smoldering cigarette to the edge of the shrubs not long after I got there.  Moments after that, the dark blond asked her more attractive friend to watch her purse while she went inside the horse building to visit the bathroom.  Now it was just me and the beauty, a few feet apart and her with a cigarette, both rocking out to BlackHawk music which created an even more charged atmosphere to accompany the sighting….

The friend may have surrendered her cigarette earlier than she needed to, but my beauty queen wasn’t giving hers up that easy.  She kept dragging from it long after I figured she would, enjoying every drag and waiting for the friend to resurface.  Finally the cigarette hit the pavement and she crushed it out.  But I was sooo gonna stick around to identify that butt.  It would require a little more patience though as the friend emerged from the bathroom moments later and my favorite girl took her turn to empty out her bladder.  In the meantime, the dark blond in the pink shorts picked up her purse.  Hot damn she’s gonna get more cigarettes, I thought to myself.  And she did…but oddly enough, it was an orange pack of Pall Malls (!) that emerged from purse.  Not again!  It’s still a bit of a bummer to me when hot girls settle for Pall Malls, which is something I haven’t come across until the past two weeks and now my favorite girls from the Iowa State Fair were suddenly smoking Pall Malls too.  I didn’t let it ruin the sighting though as things were still going nicely here with the dark blond firing up her second cigarette of the last few minutes.

Moments later, the beauty queen was back.  The thought had crossed my mind that maybe she’d smoke again too now that the friend was, but I didn’t want to get greedy.  Sure enough…the same orange pack of Pall Malls, which they must have been sharing, re-emerged and my glamour girl was lighting up her second as well.  At this point, since I didn’t really have anywhere to go anyway with the concert ongoing, I was hoping to just hang back and enjoy the show, but this time they both walked away, cigarettes in hand, and proceeded closer to the concert stage.

I held up some hope that maybe the blond’s first cigarette was not a Pall Mall so I knelt down where they had just stood and was taken aback to see four Pall Mall butts with orange logos right beneath where they had been standing.  These gals had apparently smoked ANOTHER cigarette before I even got there.  These are my kind of girls, Pall Malls or not.  Unfortunately they were long gone at this point and I couldn’t catch up, but I would see them again very late in the evening, this time not smoking.  Finally, I found a sighting that got my adrenaline going, and I’d be fortunate to ride out the momentum for the remaining 15 minutes of the concert.

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