ISF #33. Wholesome Blond In Ballcap Smokes Her Own And Then Poaches Two Guy Friends’ Cigs

I finally hit a groove and began to put some serious points on the board around 6 p.m. on my mediocre first day at the 2016 Iowa State Fair, and would catch my sighting of the day outside the east side beer gardens.  There were few memorably wholesome smoker girl faces that day but as I encircled the bar’s entryway I laid eyes on this early to mid 20s beaming blond with the face of an angel wearing a baseball cap with her hair coming out the back in a ponytail, decked out below the neck in a gray top and black shorts with the shiniest, most perfect pair of long tanned legs coming out the bottom.  She was with two guys and I noticed both were smoking.  Blondie was sans a cigarette thus far but just as I was beginning my prayer that she would be a smoker too, the heavens answered as she opened a pack of Marlboro Lights and extracted one.

I frantically readied my camera phone to get a pic of the lightup and luckily she was slower to the draw than I was as I clicked my phone as the exact moment she clicked her lighter, bringing her cigarette to life.  I took a couple more pics of her dragging and got what were easily my best pics of the day before deciding to just hang back and watch the show.  On a day with so few genuine rewards, it was a tremendous pleasure to watch that cigarette inserted in her mouth followed by a nice deep drag, her eyes squinting with pleasure as she filled her insides with poisons.  Her exhales originally seemed to be more of the casual blowing variety, leading me to believe she was more than likely a social smoker, but I kept watching and it seemed the exhales were getting cloudier as she progressed.  Somewhere during this show two more guys came out and lit cigarettes, meaning she was now outnumbered four to one by males.   It was a fun show but she dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out, resuming her conversation with the guys…..

I began to walk away but something compelled me to go back, believing this sighting just might not be done yet.  And sure enough, blondie had another cigarette in her hand.  But it wasn’t long enough to be a fresh cigarette so I wondered what was going on, until after two consecutive drags she handed the cigarette to one of the two guys that had joined them, having mooched some of his.  I stood there longer just in case she’d go for another drag, but when I saw the guy she mooched the drags from was crushing his out beneath his feet, I figured this time the show really was over.  But hold on….now she was extending her hand to the other male newcomer of the guy to pilfer a drag from his cigarette too!  As I watched her squintingly dragging from her third cigarette in the last couple of minutes, I was beginning to doubt my original assessment that she was a mere social smoker, as her craving for nicotine was pretty insatiable here.  She gave the cigarette back to the second guy who finished it off and the show was over as the group began to migrate back into the beer gardens.  I confirmed her discarded butt, which I had marked, was a Marlboro Light.  Because of the girl-next-door beauty caliber of the girl and the unexpected escalation towards the end, it was the only sighting of the day I would identify as an undisputed homerun.

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