ISF #73. Bikini Tops, Water Bottles, and Marlboro Reds

The hottest day of fetishing I ever encountered was the 95-degree day I spent at the 2007 Iowa State Fair.  For the most part, the heat cramped my style and definitely cramped my stamina, but there was at least one blockbuster sighting made possible entirely because of the intense August heat….

Sitting on the steps of a building that serves as a smoking zone for a number of young hotties were two mischievous-looking 16-17 babes on the final few drags of their cork-filters. One was blond and the other was brunette, both attractive….with the brunette decked out in only a bikini top! That was a fairly popular fashion statement among young ladies in those afternoon hours, but this brunette was the only young smoker decked out in a bikini top. The blond next to her, who was slightly cuter, spent a couple of minutes longer smoking her cigarette before giving it a flick and walking away with her friend. I checked out the still-smoldering butt the blonde just flicked and could tell it was a Marlboro Red. It was a great novelty sighting already, but the girls put on an even better show for me a little later and it didn’t even involve cigarettes.

Well over an hour later, I would see these girls again. Neither was smoking, but at this point, both girls were parading down the main street of the fair in bikini tops and shorts, displaying identical “tramp stamp” tattoos on their lower backs. I can only guess the blonde had a bikini top underneath the T-shirt she was wearing before that and put it in her bag. But what happened next was like something out of a bad porn movie…..the girls both had water bottles and proceeded to squirt water all over the faces and chests of each other, wetting themselves down in bikinis while every male face (and plenty of female faces) in close proximity salivated at the public display.  I exchanged smirks with one other young guy also watching the show and we both looked at each other without comment, both almost assuredly thinking the same thing….welcome to the Iowa State Fair!!

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