ISF #57. Ebony and Ivory Smoker Teens

My all-day Saturday safari to the 2009 Iowa State Fair did not come without setbacks, most namely the weather, but by and large the worst-case scenario was avoided.  With that said, a mid-afternoon drenching of rain could have become a real problem, but lasted only about 10 minutes.  When it was over, I was treated to the most productive stretch of sightings I would get on an otherwise below-average day of fair fetishing…..

I was passing by the extended seating area behind the grandstand when I caught out of the corner of my eye two fresh-faced teenage girls with freshly lit cigarettes extending from their fingers as they sat. My heart raced as I migrated towards the seating area for a closer look. It was an ebony and ivory sighting, with one black girl and one white girl, both in the 17-18 age range and neither looking like smokers. The black girl was a little chubby and not particularly attractive, but her more pale-complected friend was the very picture of innocence. She was slender and wearing a T-shirt with blue denim capris. Her light brown hair was propped up in a ponytail at the top of her head, and as if her face wasn’t youthful and innocent-enough looking, she also had braces!!! It was a sight to behold as this pair sat amidst the crowded seating area openly smoking their cork filters. Her smoking style was largely that of a fairly new smoker. She was clearly inhaling but her exhales weren’t particularly cloudy or intense. I got to see almost the entire cigarette get smoked before she tossed the butt to the still-wet ground and crushed it out. Moments later, the girls left and I swooped in to take their bench and check out the brand name on that butt. It was a Camel Menthol). And as luck would have it, the girls would turn up again…

About four hours later, I had drifted away from a decent sighting at a building near the center of the fairgrounds and turned the corner to spot two of my favorite girls of the day….the ebony and ivory duo with the cutiepie with braces smoking. Both girls were on the bench eating at this point, but I had a good feeling what they were probably gonna have for dessert in a few short minutes. I made a quick loop around the general area and returned to the bench where the girls were sitting. And sure enough, they were both sitting there with two more freshly lit Camel Menthols between their fingers. Nervous about being spotted seeing as how I watched them from close range already once that day, I had to get creative and ended up sitting on some indoor benches behind them and watching their second nicotine show of the day from the rear. The cute girl exhibited an identical smoking style in the early evening as she had exhibited in the mid-afternoon, with intermittent drags of decent proportions and modest exhales. My vantage point turned out to be perfect as I watched the tobacco show in its entirety till she crushed out her second Camel Menthol underneath her flip-flop.

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