ISF #54. The Camel Pink Teen Daughters

My all-day Saturday venture to the 2009 Iowa State Fair was a little bit of a disappointment but I always get the opportunity to redeem the Iowa State Fair with a half-day visit after work during the next week, in this case on a Tuesday afternoon, and it delivered big-time.  Here’s one of the several blockbusters of the evening that occurred just after dusk….

Walking down the concourse near a long stretch of food vendors, I saw this cute-as-hell 17ish girl-next-door long-haired dirty blonde clasping a cigarette in her hand as if trying to hide it. Very hard to describe her look other than “girl next door”. She had an adorable face with a beaming smile, was just a tad chubby, but chubby in the way that looks really hot on a girl on her age, particularly decked out in jean shorts as she was. In her company was another girl (possibly a sister) who wasn’t smoking and wasn’t as attractive. But in front of both of them was…dad…and he was smoking. Mom showed up out of nowhere and she was smoking too. Gotta love seeing those families of smokers in the year 2009.

Apparently, the teen girl’s hiding motion when her cigarette was freshly lit was temporary, because as dad and the sister stood in line for their junk food, girly was pacing in front of the stand and proudly showing off her cigarette, taking copious drags and exhaling into the post-sunset sky like a seasoned pro (I’m pretty confident she was). Once the sister ordered food, she offered some to the smoker cutie, but she declined. She had a cigarette for goodness sakes….who needs fair food!?!?! No bench was available nearby so the two girls sat in between the benches while the parents stood. I watched her polish off her cigarette and marked the exact spot where she crushed it out so I could get a look at her brand when she left.

I walked a quick loop around and pursued another sighting that started strong but ultimately never delivered.  When that sighting fell apart, I was in close proximity to where that underage blonde was smoking with her family, and noticed they were gone now. Having marked exactly where she had sat, I closed in and discovered her cigarette butt in the grass. It was one of those girlish Camel Pinks (hats off to RJR for such a brilliant marketing gimmick to win over teen girls). Definitely a cute cigarette for a girl.

From there, I wandered through the midway where I would score another excellent sighting, and as I began exiting the midway, my timing was once again perfect and I would stumble into an encore sighting at the edge of the midway on my way out. There she was again….the 17ish blonde who no more than 20 minutes earlier was smoking with her family. This time the sister who wasn’t smoking before was with her…and she was smoking this time. The sister, as I said, didn’t particularly impress me, but the long-haired dirty blonde was just such a cutie. I stood next to the nearby bathroom as if waiting for somebody and watched them both smoke away. She eventually stomped the cigarette out under her flip-flop and the two walked into the midway. I went over and found the sister was smoking a cork filter, but my cute little addicted girl was smoking another of her Camel Pinks. I saw these girls, in the company of two other girls, heading back into the midway about an hour later, but not smoking this time. Still, two Camel Pinks in a half hour, and one in front of mom and dad. Pretty impressive.

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