ISF #42. Insanely Hot Brunette Leads Trio of Smoker Babes

Well after sunset on my successful Saturday visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair came one of my best sightings of the day as I was heading west on the concourse and spotted a trio of attractive 18-19ish girls from a distance.  It was after dark but I saw a pack of Marlboros (of one variety or another) produced by one of the girls and then moved their direction.   There were three girls….one a dark brunette with a bare midriff top and tight jeans, the other two blonds in tanktops and jean shorts, with one of the blonds about six inches taller than the other.  I got a look at the shorter blond and wasn’t particularly impressed with her beauty, prematurely concluding I had stumbled upon a trio of overrated dames who looked good from a distance but were mediocre up close.  But I would discover just how wrong I was as my focus then shifted to the brunette who placed the unlit cigarette to her lips and fired up.

I sped up to be parallel to her and saw her extract the cigarette from her mouth.  I was impressed by the length of the cigarette protruding from her fingers, so much so that I at first suspected it was a 120 but then decided it had to have simply been a 100, but given how rare 100s are in my part of the country anymore, I was taken aback by its length.  And I must have been lost in my observation of the cigarette in her hand because she then looked over and our eyes met.   Obviously I was busted watching her, but what a girl to get busted by.  If not for the darker hair, I would have sworn I was looking at Cassi, the smoking model ousted from Big Brother earlier that summer mixed in with a little bit of Olivia Wilde.   The girl had a classic look of supermodel-quality beauty, one of the biggest stunners of the night without question.

I had to hang back a little after being spotted but continued to follow and sneak glances at her.   It was priceless watching as she walked in front of me with that exposed bare midriff revealing her well-toned stomach without a hint of a muffin top hanging over her waistline.  She took a few more drags from the cigarette and while her style wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it was just crazy to see first-hand a teenage beauty of this magnitude smoking a cigarette…..

But the sighting took on a second act as she handed the cigarette to the tall blond in jean shorts next to her. I suppose it was a little disappointing to see the beauty of the crowd relinquish possession of the cigarette, but the disappointment would be short-lived as the high point of the sighting followed.  The shorter blond walked up to the lemonade shaker stand to get a glass of lemonade.  I got my first good look at the tall blond who now held the cigarette and while she wasn’t in the brunette’s league, she was a hot girl nonetheless.  But apparently she had something to say to the shorter blond because she walked right up to her while she stood in front of the lemonade stand placing the cigarette into her mouth.  I watched as a big sloppy exhale of smoke from the tall blond went right into the shorter blond’s face and some of the smoke even spilled through the window of the lemonade stand leaving the people inside to choke on it.

I was downright giddy but also cautious watching from afar, knowing I had already been spotted by the brunette but trying to find the right balance where I could watch them but not be detected.  As the three drifted off, I sensed that they spotted me again, and the tall blond gave the cigarette to the shorter blond and turned this into a three-for-one sighting.  But I didn’t like where this was going as the three girls migrated to the bathroom area.  I was following a reasonable distance behind in a dark part of the grounds, and watched as the three girls walked into the women’s bathroom.   I didn’t see what became of the cigarette and the thought crossed my mind that they took it inside with them.  Either way, I wasn’t gonna get any more out of this sighting and decided to retreat, still very satisfied with the overall bounty from this sighting.

A couple hours later, amidst a crowd of teenage I saw that bombshell brunette from the three-for-one sighting with the bare midriff top and tight jeans again.  She wasn’t smoking at this time, but again, what an incredible beauty!

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