ISF #27. A Blond Teen Smoker Babe Starts Following Me!

During the early evening hours of my all-day Saturday visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair, I slumbered to the seating area in the dead center of the fairgrounds to an open seat that I decided to take advantage of to rest a bit and look for hottie smokers from this wide-open vantage point.  I was sitting for about five minutes when I noticed from behind a pair of hotties in jean shorts, one wielding a cigarette.  I saw the face of the nonsmoker, who was about 16 and adorable, but thus far had only seen the smoker from the rear.  Even though her body was well-toned and perfect with her long blond hair going down her back, covering up a light-blue tanktop and a pair of cutoffs, I found myself getting cynical by this point in the day about these would-be high school girl sightings.  While I was certainly gonna get a closer look, at that point I was betting on discovering that the smoker was the 40-something mother of the teen daughter who has managed to keep her girlish figure.  But as I proceeded forward to get that closer look, I would discover that she was definitely not anybody’s mother, and in fact that beautiful mid-teen girl would be my second best sighting of the day….

It was another classic teenage face of the Iowa State Fair, with beautiful well-tanned facial features that were far more girl-next-door than lady-in-red.  Just as I was starting to really appreciate her beauty, the other girl was welcoming another duo of 16ish girls, both nonsmokers who they both knew and greeted.  Once again, the smoker proceeded to give the new girls stinky hugs.  I think I’ve seen more stinky hugs from smoker girls in 2011 than every other year combined!  The presence of the new girls was helpful because it allowed me to watch the smoker of the group suck down on her cigarette.  Her technique wasn’t special in any significant way, but she was nonetheless a solid smoker with nicely timed drags and careless exhales that she didn’t go out of her way to keep out of the airspace of her nonsmoking friends.  Now this was an attractive group of teenage girls, none of whom looked the least bit like smokers, but the one who was wielding the cigarette was the beauty and the sexpot of the group, with that light blue tanktop of hers featuring the words Air-gasm, with the two syllables covering each respective boob.  Better yet on the bottom, her light blue cutoffs were shredded in all the right places, with a giant hole on the upper-left thigh that went right up to the crotch to the point that if she bent over or moved just the right way, you’d be able to see her panties…assuming she was wearing any.

The foursome then migrated towards the free entertainment stage, and I was fortunate enough to follow directly behind and get slammed in the face with a couple of the smoker’s exhales.  They migrated briefly into the seating area overlooking the stage when cutie finally released her cigarette, carelessly tossing it onto the grass without bothering to crush it out.  The foursome turned around and left soon after, allowing me to identify her butt, a cork filter Marlboro (possibly a Red but who can keep track with all the Marlboro brands now?).  I walked away and headed back in the direction I came from when this sighting had an amusing final act.  I looked over my shoulders to get one final look at this girl and discovered that the two pairs of girls were separating again and the smoker and her friend were heading my way.  As I kept proceeding, I continued to peek over my shoulders and repeatedly discovered they were still following.  Suddenly, it appeared as though a teen smoker girl was stalking me!  But finally after a good block in my shadow the girls moved towards the midway and we separated for good for the rest of the day.  Great sighting.

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