ISF #50. Menthol Mommy In a Microscopic Skirt

The 2006 Iowa State Fair was my very first foray to that venue and it left an amazing first impression.  One of the many highlights was this two-part mid-afternoon sighting that had two decidedly different personalities…

Near the beer gardens area emerged a middle-aged man with what I presumed to be his daughter, a petite and adorable girl with shoulder-length light brown hair and a microscopic blue cotton mini-skirt with something written on the ass. The middle-aged guy she was following was not smoking, but the girl sure was. Given her cutesy attire and petite body, I originally guessed she was no older than 15. I got to see her take two drags from her all-white. Next, I found it strangely enticing when she carelessly flung her spent cigarette butt into the corner crevice of a building. The cigarette rolled on the cement and landed not far from two young Latino men, one of whom clearly was repulsed by the girl tossing the cigarette that inched so close to him.  The girl’s complete lack of manners was wickedly hot to me, and I ended up sitting as close by as possible, watching that abandoned cigarette smolder and identifying from the green print that it was a Marlboro Light Menthol..

About an hour later, I would see this same cute girl in the same tiny mini-skirt again with another smoldering Marlboro Menthol Light between her fingers. This time, she was with new company. Two males, and a young boy that looked to be about a year old or slightly less. One of the guys was the holding the child, but the girl was leaning in and gushing out some baby talk to the little guy with the cigarette extending from her fingers. I wouldn’t have thought this girl was old enough to be a mother (and there was no way judging from her facial features that she could have been older than 19), but I definitely got the impression that this was her son. As I looked up to her bare midriff above that tiny skirt, I could see some of the most well-pronounced stretch marks I’ve ever seen on her belly. Now this was still cute in its own way, but it was a bit of a buzzkill at the time since my original assumption was shattered that this was a mid-teen girl openly smoking at the state fair in the presence of her father.  Still, the girl’s audacity, beauty, and obvious insatiable dependency on nicotine has helped me look favorably upon both acts of this blockbuster sighting in the years since.

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