ISF #58. Miniskirted Brunette Smoking in the Birdhouse Booth

On my Saturday visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2007 the temperature was pushing 100 degrees by early-to-mid afternoon and wore me down pretty early in the day.  At one point around 3 p.m., I was walking past some benches in front of the ladies’ bathroom and spotted a modestly attractive young woman sitting smoking and decided to sit back and relax for a bit myself in the shade and watch the sighting play out. But my R & R would only last a couple of minutes as I soon spied one of the most scorching sightings of the day, a ponytailed brunette cutie walking by in a white bare-midriff halter top and a microscopic yellow cotton miniskirt, accentuated with a smoldering all-white between her fingers.  This outfit made me think she was about 16 but my brief early glimpses at her face told me she was probably more like 21.  The face wasn’t quite as epically beautiful as the outfit that matched it was, but she was still certainly attractive.

The highlight of this sighting came about 10 seconds after I began following her, as she dangled the cigarette in her mouth for about 30 seconds while playing around with her miniskirt, making sure it was properly covering her assets as the wind briefly blew it around. I continued to follow as she dragged from the cigarette, and was taken aback when she somehow got sidetracked by a middle-aged guy at a birdhouse stand (!!!) who beckoned the girl to a pamphlet he was peddling. For the next couple of minutes, he was lecturing her about whatever specific thing he was selling. The girl followed along with the pamphlet, with the all-white protruding from her fingers as she looked at it. I have to wonder what the older guy talking to her was thinking as she listened to him and rummaged through that literature while wielding her cigarette and casually exposing him to her secondhand smoke at pretty close range for more than a minute.  Almost made me wonder if the old guy had the smoking fetish and lured her into the booth for the sole purpose of observing her while she was smoking.

After the presentation ended, the girl would then proceed to the other side of the stand, dangling the small remains of the cigarette from her lips once again as she retrieved some other piece of literature from the stand before walking away. I would follow a way’s further until the cigarette mysteriously disappeared from her hand. It was an all-white and most likely a Marlboro Light, but I never did see the butt.  Definitely one of my best sightings of the day and it wouldn’t be long after that that a pretty serious case of heat exhaustion would begin setting in.

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