ISF #44. Enjoying A Smoke While Watching The Miss Teen Iowa Pageant

It was early afternoon on my first visit to the Iowa State Fair back in 2006, and the day which was only a few hours old had already completely exceeded expectations.   After an impressive double bang sighting near the center of the grounds, I was next heading towards a stage (with accompanying seating) where an Iowa beauty queen pageant was taking place. I proceeded to the back of the bleachers where the crowd was watching the pageant, and quickly took note of a toxic cloud of exhaled tobacco smoke rising above the top row of the bleachers. I arrived at the place where the smoke originated from to find the back seats occupied by four girls of varying degrees of hotness, but could see right away that the smoke had come from the lungs of a 19-20ish blond with a cute little blond ponytail and outrageously hot denim cutoffs. Sitting next to her was an overweight brunette who was also smoking and two other college-age girls, one very attractive and the other a plain jane, who were apparently nonsmokers.

Clearly, it was the blond who caught my eye. She considerately exhaled straight into the air and held the cigarette above her head to avoid exposing the nonsmokers on both sides of her and in front of her to her noxious vapors. She dragged frequently and intensely as I watched for the next few minutes, easily besting the performance of the overweight brunette next to her and finished the cigarette several moments earlier than the friend……

I took another loop around the grounds and didn’t see anything worthwhile, but returned to the pageant as it ended, partly to see which girl won the pageant but mostly to see if there would be any additional smoking performances by this blond or any of her pals. She didn’t disappoint, standing up at the finale of the pageant and lighting up another cigarette along with the overweight brunette next to her. At this point, I noticed there were a couple of guys accompanying them seated in the row directly in front. At least one of them appeared to be the boyfriend of the blond in the snug cutoffs as the two of them were getting quite cozy.  As is so often the case, neither of the guys were smoking. It was such a rush to think that this nicotine queen had a nonsmoking boyfriend. Watching her polish off that second cigarette like a seasoned pro really gave me the momentum I needed to get through the late afternoon, where sightings were few and far between for a couple of hours.  After the crowd left I would actually proceed to peek underneath those bleachers to confirm my suspicion that both of her discarded cigarette butts were indeed Marlboro Lights.

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