ISF #39. Tall Blond in White Miniskirt Had An Hourglass Figure And I Had Time on My Hands

I took my traditional evening visit to the Iowa State Fair after work on a Tuesday night in 2009  and had a spectacular six-hour run of sightings, easily besting the quality of my entire day at the ISF the preceding Saturday.  I was there less than an hour and had hit an unproductive stretch, but it was about to break as I returned to the area near the front gate and looked up to see heaven on Earth, this spectacularly perfect female body across the street. It was a long-haired blond, about 22 or 23, in the company of a boyfriend or husband, decked out in this blue tanktop with a spectacular white denim miniskirt that showed off her long, smooth legs. This girl was one tall drink of water already, probably in the 5’10” range, but propped up even higher by the pair of elevated flip-flops she was wearing. More amazing than anything else about this girl was her perfect figure. If I’ve ever seen a female form as flawless as this girl’s, I can’t remember it. That first glance I got of her immediately brought to mind the Days of Our Lives tagline “like sands from an hourglass…..” because she was so tremendously shapely.

But I didn’t even get to fully admire this figure for more than a couple of seconds before I observed her extracting a pack of Parliaments from her purse and already making this Tuesday night run worthwhile for me. I scurried across the street as both she and the boyfriend lit themselves up. Impressively, they seemed like a perfectly normal and dramaless couple as they progressed down the concourse with cigarettes between their fingers, but I gotta figure the guy (not quite as tall as his leggy blonde companion) was feeling pretty impressed with himself, walking through the Iowa State Fair with this stunning nicotine-addicted girl, who donned a pair of sunglasses that managed to add even more to her badass look. As I followed, it was hard to see her drags directly, but her inhales were intense and lengthy and her exhales sufficiently cloudy. It seemed as though every male head was turning to look at this blonde bombshell, some undoubtedly repelled by the trail of stink she was leaving in her path. Unfortunately, the show would end sooner than I had hoped as the couple progressed towards the Varied Industries building, stopped at the ashtray in front of the building, took a final drag and snuffed the Parliaments out in it before walking inside.

I would see this couple twice more on the grounds that evening, always following them for a few minutes in the hope that more cigarettes would be smoked. They never were unfortunately, but I continued to notice virtually every male head turned in the presence of her amazing figure. With the sunglasses off, I got to see her face in full. I’d rate her as a 9 rather than a perfect 10, but the figure was without a doubt a perfect 10….one of the best I’ve ever seen. For months to come I closed my eyes at night and saw that perfect hourglass of hers concealed in the blue tanktop and white denim miniskirt, and always with that freshly lit Parliament protruding from her fingers.

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