ISF #4. Epic Blond Teen Goddess Gives Me Hero’s Welcome To The Iowa State Fair

I had irrationally low expectations on my first day of fetishing at the Iowa State Fair back in August 2006.  Within the first half hour of arrival, my pessimism dissolved with a classic mother-daughter profile cited as my #26 ISF sighting of all time.  I wasn’t expecting to top that sighting for quite some time, but less than five minutes later, the Iowa State Fair would really prove its mettle with one of the most delicious sightings I’ve ever gotten there.

I was walking through a more populated street on the grounds and suddenly heard these two feminine voices behind me. I slowed down and moved to the side, allowing the girls to pass me. As they passed, I looked to my side to see these teenage knockouts, probably about 16-17. They were both beautiful….homecoming queen-quality babes. One girl had long blond hair and the other was a light brunette, both in tanktops and tight jeans that perfectly accentuated their shapely young figures. I quickly dismissed the idea that they would be smokers because they definitely didn’t look the type, but was nonetheless pleased with the opportunity to have had my day brightened up by their youthful beauty. Then, as the girls proceeded several feet in front me on the sidewalk, I was blown away as I noticed a freshly-lit all-white protruding from the fingers of the blond. It was one of those rare fetish moments that makes your heart start racing with excitement.

Both myself and the girls in front of me proceeded down the sidewalk. The blond took intense drags off of her cigarette and it was pretty clear she had been doing this for awhile. She reached into her purse and opened up the pack of Marlboro Lights to see how many she had left for the rest of the day, and from my angle, it didn’t look like very many. She and the other girl soon turned down a different stretch and give me the opportunity to see her pretty face again, only partially obstructed by a pair of sunglasses. It was at this time that the sighting hit its peak as she put the cigarette in her lips and took an extremely intense dangling drag that last a good five seconds before removing the cigarette from her mouth and exhaling a mighty cloud of delicious “secondhand girlsmoke”.  By now I was elated beyond description and remembered six years ago when the Iowa State Fair was enforcing teen smoking. Apparently, that rule is no longer enforced as this beautiful and very obviously underage blond was performing a very public dangling drag for the world to see right in the middle of the fairgrounds.  The sighting would have been incredible even if she was a new smoker, but a technique this impressive took her to an entirely new level, and my already racing heart began to pulsate even stronger.

The girls then proceeded to a commons area and the blond smoker got out her cell phone. I stayed at a comfortable distance but could hear her talking on the phone, cell phone in one hand and cigarette in another, figuring out a destination to meet with a second party. Her voice was very soft and feminine, not at all husky like most long-term smokers. That made me think that perhaps she was a fairly new smoker, but her professional technique certainly didn’t seem like that of a beginner. After placing the phone call, the two girls continued to their destination. I just had to follow, aching to see how this masterpiece would play out.

While walking up the steep hill en route to the east side of the grounds, the blond finally finished her cigarette and tossed it onto a grassy knoll near the sidewalk, then continued to walk. I watched it smolder as I passed, and was again in awe of the mouth it had just been inside.  In moments, the girls finally arrived at the place where they had agreed to meet the second party. They sat and waited in front of a building and I kept hoping to see more tobacco consumption as I sat on a bench across the road. That didn’t happen (and the fact that the other girl, who was just as cute, never lit up was the only thing that kept this sighting from becoming my greatest ISF sighting of all time), but within five minutes, the second party arrived. I expected it to be a pair of studly boyfriends, but it was a couple of middle-aged ladies…perhaps the girls’ mothers. Whoever it was, it was a bonus for me to visualize this bombshell blond finishing off that pack of Marlboro Lights of hers in the company of elders.

For months to come I got off on the image of this blond bombshell, particularly that dangling drag where her sexy lips puckered up around that Marlboro Light filter and sucked the bejeezus out of the tobacco inside of it.  But perhaps the most significant lasting impact of this sighting is that sealed the fate of the Iowa State Fair as a classic new sightings venue on my annual summer lexicon.

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