ISF #41. Epic Blond Smoker Dressed in White Is Beacon of Beauty Amongst Unattractive Group

Another amazing sighting from that most extraordinary Saturday at the Iowa State Fair in 2010, this one occurring around 6:00 when it was still daylight.  2010 was so good at the Iowa State Fair that it knocked out of my 50 ISF sightings list a handful of classics which I couldn’t believe were longer amongst my top-50.

Anyway, onto the sighting, there are two bars in front of the midway, and an alley between them full of port-of-potties where smokers frequently go to pollute their lungs.  I was simply gonna walk past the area, but gave a quick look-see as I did to see if there was anyone worthwhile in there.  I saw a gorgeous blond from behind and got curious but it wasn’t until I changed my position and saw a cigarette in her hand that I really got intrigued.  Needless to say, I stepped down the alley to get a closer look, and positioned myself somewhat awkwardly across from her…..

My eyes were now treated to another girl who was stunningly gorgeous, a beautiful 22ish blond with long hair, with sunglasses resting on her hair above her face, a light tanktop and awesome white shorts.  She was smoking an all-white as well, effectively producing an “all blonde image” of light hair, white tanktop, white shorts, and white cigarette, an image that was not wasted on me even as normally unobservant I am on those matters.  She was in the company of an older and unattractive female friend who wasn’t smoking.

Her drags were incredible, with long hold times and filthy belching exhales comparable to a semi truck pouring out diesel as the engine starts.  She saw me watching her smoke, but I wasn’t gonna miss this…nor was I the only one as this middle-aged dude who likely worked at one of the two bars was looking her over pretty good as he smoked his own cigarette.  How could any red-blooded heterosexual not be looking at this beauty?  From there, an unattractive duo of guys came out, one about her age and the other older.  It was crazy to see this amazingly hot girl in the company of this decidedly unattractive friends group, but there she was, and this friends group added to the contrast of this sighting, featuring an epic, classy-looking beauty who was hanging out with decidedly unbeautiful people and standing near a row of port-a-potties while feeding her nicotine addiction.

She got on her cell phone towards the end of the sighting, making it easier for me to watch her undetected as she proceeded with her most impressive smoking performance and then crushed out the cigarette.  The group was thus far not leaving, so I did a quick loop around the building and returned to find they were just walking away.  I walked over to where they were standing and discovered that her discarded cigarette was a Camel Crush.  Again, I really admire RJ Reynolds for these effective marketing gimmicks to young girls.  It certainly worked on this all-white princess.

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