ISF #29. The Most Wholesome Teen Cuties in the Crowd Were the Smokers

My Wednesday evening at the 2010 Iowa State Fair got off to a rollicking start, but mellowed out in the early evening hours that at one point had me disappointed for a brief unproductive expanse at that year’s Iowa State Fair, but a certain girl coming ahead in the countdown took me out of my slumber and opened up the doors for a very impressive final hour or so, with the following being the evening’s final blockbuster…

On my final journey into the midway, I would have no luck seeing a certain group of girls who I had been tracking for quite some time, but there were other promising things to be seen just on the horizon, specifically near that bench where I was sitting watching the girls earlier.  Huddled around there was a cluster of girls and guys, some of whom looked naughty.  As I approached, I saw a couple of cork-filter cigarettes in female hands and parked my ass on a familiar bench, this time with a much better vantage point of the next two sightings, another uber-blockbuster without much of a storyline, but featuring adorable 15-16ish girls with cigarettes.  What was particularly fascinating about this sighting was that most of the guys and several of the girls in the group looked edgy and mature, but they weren’t smoking.  However, the two girls who were smoking were far and away the most wholesome looking people in the whole group….

The first girl was a long-haired light brunette with the face of an angel.  She looked to be 15 and was wearing a green top and dark jean shorts.  This girl took some serious drags too, and I got to see a handful of examples where her cute young face puckered up and sucked on that cigarette as if it was a tart lemon.  Her exhales weren’t as impressive as those four-second drags, but this girl’s young body was clearly addicted to the poisons she was feeding it.  The other girl was even prettier and more angelic, a 15-16ish long-haired blond who was really skinny and wore a red-and-white-striped top and a pair of jeans.  Her technique wasn’t nearly as advanced as the brunette’s but it was still amazing seeing these two little angels dragging from their cigarettes in the company of a peer group that looked far naughtier than they did but were not smoking, save for one very chubby girl who I didn’t count.  The brunette carelessly flung her still-smoldering cigarette butt behind her without even looking to see if it would burn someone walking by.  Unfortunately, the huddle was such that walking by slowly to identify the brand was out of the question.  The blond less dramatically dropped her ciggie to the pavement and stomped it out a couple minutes later.

It’s moments like this that are among the few that give me hope for the future.  After all these years of relentless antismoking propaganda and painful tax hikes and further efforts to shame smokers, girls that look and dress like this continue to light up in their mid-teens.  Heartwarming…and my third-best sighting of that impressive night.

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