ISF #21. A Teen Smoker Girl With Serious Swagger

Back in my impressive Tuesday night sightings safari at the 2009 Iowa State Fair, I was struggling to get a good view of two 18ish cuties smoking outside a commercial building that had spotted me in my previous vantage point, and moved to an awkward location halfway up a hill where I could look down towards them from an unfortunately significant distance.  Little did I know that being positioned in the middle of that hill put me in the line of fire of my best sighting of the night….

My eyes were focused like a laser on the girls seated near the building, hoping they’d fire up another cigarette after just finishing their first, but a cloud of toxic carcinogens in my line of vision broke my focus. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the source of said toxic carcinogens. Walking up the hill was this beautiful and sassy-looking 16-17ish ponytailed brunette wearing a tanktop and a pair of incredibly tight blue jeans that covered her awesomely chiseled ass perfectly. It didn’t even seem intentional, but this girl had an undeniably cocky swagger as she wiggled that backside of hers while slowly walking up the hill, dragging from her cigarette and deftly releasing her exhales to spill casually in her path as if she couldn’t have cared less where the smoke drifted. A carcinogenic cloud hovered around her incessantly and it was a spectacle to behold. And her too-cool-for-school image was enhanced further by the sunglasses she was wearing. Again, it didn’t even seem like she was trying to look cocky….it was as though this was just the natural way she carried herself….and it was incredibly sexy….

But things got even better. In her company was a middle-aged man I assumed was her father and a slightly younger male teenager that I assumed was a younger brother. And NEITHER ONE was smoking. As girly strutted her amazing body slowly up the hill, fumes and stench percolating from her feminine figure the entire time, the two guys stood there up the hill about 10 yards looking back at her as if saying “are you coming???? Move it!!” But my girl continued to casually and slowly strut her way up the hill looking more badass than any young girl I’ve seen in recent memory, apparently enjoying her cigarette too much to be too concerned that she was holding up the show for dad and little brother. Alas, the only downside of the sighting came at the end when she walked over to the nearest garbage can and snuffed out her cigarette butt before tossing it inside. I was hoping this girl would fling her cigarette butt in the air and let it fall wherever it happened to land, so her sudden burst of do-gooderism seemed a little out of character. I nonetheless enjoyed one final look at this uber-confident teenage brunette hottie in sunglasses strutting her hot body up the hill to finally catch up with the rest of the family and enjoy the rest of the fair. Amazing stuff.

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