FCF #68. Generous Teen Blond Fires Smoke Missiles Inside Friends Huddle

My last great find from the 2013 FCF surfaced after 11 p.m. on the incredibly successful Saturday evening that wrapped up the fair, and she was standing in a huddle of teens in the middle of the fairgrounds.   Jumping out at me was a very attractive blond with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse and tight dark jeans.  She looked 17 or 18 and was wielding a cigarette, and you could tell from this girl’s face she was a smoker without even having to look down 18 inches to see the cigarette in her hand.  She was a solid 8.5 beauty-wise and the cutest of the girls near her. The logistics of this sighting were awful because she was immersed in the middle of this huddle that I was awkwardly watching from a few feet away, and the huddle was a constant moving part with new people moving in and out of it and making blondie hard to see.  Thankfully though, I still got to see enough to get a feel for how awesome she is, which was obvious after her very first drag….

Her drags were such that you could tell she was not “inhaling” so much as she was “ingesting”, drawing large amounts of toxic cigarette smoke into her body as much because she has to than because she wants to.  But she shined most on the exhales, a category in which she was the best girl of all at the 2013 local county fair.  Massive blasts of smoke pierced out of her mouth and nose like missiles with smoke from her mouth shooting slightly upward even as the ferocious nasal missiles rocketed at a downward angle.  The last time I saw exhales like this was that cute blond at the Hinder concert at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair (MNSF #10), the girl who smoked three cigarettes before the concert despite the boyfriend’s impatience.  This girl didn’t quite have that girl’s IT factor, but she was clearly the alpha female of this group.

A dude approached her and she held her cigarette up as if offering him a drag, which he turned down.  She would next offer it to an obese brunette female in the group who did take a drag before handing it back to blondie.  I enjoyed four of her drags, despite the epically inconvenient vantage point, all of them incredible with the combination mouth and nose missiles.  She made pretty quick work of the cigarette and dropped it to the ground.  It was one of those nights where everything was working out, because there was just enough of a parting of the crowd at that exact moment for me to swoop in and identify the butt, a Camel Crush.

And I would see this girl two more times before evening’s end, smoking both times.  I wish I had had a scenario where I could have observed this girl more intimately because this girl  had the potential to score even higher with her advanced and preternaturally awesome smoking style.

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