FCF #61. Bubbly Midway Brunette In Black Shorts Keeps The Marlboro Lights Burning

Even though I only scored an abysmal 13 sightings on Saturday night at the 2015 county fair, the upside was that almost all of them were extra-base hits.  But the event sighting of the night came on the midway less than a minute after another great sighting wrapped up.  I saw a lively young group across the grass on the other side of the midway and immediately made out a freshly lit cigarette between the fingers of an attractive young brunette.  Right away, I sensed something special about that brunette and cut across the grass to get a closer look.  My instinct was right as I spotted a gorgeous long-haired dark brunette whose soft features radiated beauty.  Never would have I suspected a girl like this would smoke in 2015.  She gave off an aura vaguely similar to my 2013 Pall Mall princess and for a moment I thought maybe it was her, but as I got a closer look I could tell it wasn’t.  She had a nice body too, with a blue top and black shorts that beautifully framed her ass.

The rest of her group was just elevator music once I laid eyes on her and she was the kind of girl who just dominated the visuals of her group or any group, but there was a blond guy who appeared to be her boyfriend along with another girl and two guys.  One of the guys was smoking from the get-go and as my group began to move, I unfortunately noticed my brunette sharing her cigarette with the boyfriend, even though he seemed to get far less of it than her.  After a promising start, the sighting kind of sputtered to an anticlimactic close as the group drifted towards the midway rides and my brunette and her boyfriend were passing the cigarette back and forth.  And in the darkness in line for one of the rides, I noticed neither one was holding the cigarette as they must have disposed of it.  I left the scene disappointed, but just had a feeling I’d be seeing more from this girl and returned to the midway only a few minutes later.  And my instinct was right…

No more than 10 minutes later, the group had gotten off the Zipper in the midway and appeared to be heading out.  The one guy in the group already had a cigarette going and I had a strong feeling my brunette was gonna get one of her own soon.  The boyfriend for some reason seemed to be the one in possession of the cigarettes and was opening up the pack, which I could tell from the backlighting was some variation of Marlboro.  I was crossing my fingers she’d get one of her own and sure enough the boyfriend produced two cigarettes.  After a brief and rather adorable kiss, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and he lit her up just as the group was heading for the midway exit.  What a beautiful girl she was, proudly brandishing that long just-lit cigarette in her hand without a hint of inhibition, her beaming smile both contagious and infectious as she bantered joyfully with her friends.  I was so jealous of her boyfriend watching her ass wiggle forward in those black shorts and even more so when she took her glorious and timely drags from her cigarette.  They always lasted a good five seconds and she usually tilted her head skyward to release a cloudy exhale.  The skyward exhale was a wonderful visual but the downside was that they were always too high in the air for me to smell the fragrant aroma of the smoke that just came out of her black lungs….

I was content to follow this sighting till its conclusion but an annoying disruption came when they stumbled upon another mixed-gender group of early 20s couples and stopped to chat.  There was another female smoker in this group but she was wallpaper compared to my main event brunette, and I had to scramble to find a vantage point at the seating of a food stand and managed to find a decent one to observe two of her drags upclose, both of which were gorgeous five-second ingestions of smoke where the cherry of her cigarette glowed bright and the pleasure on her face was abundantly clear before tilting her head skyward to release those exhales.  What a beauty!  And after about two minutes of this, her group was in motion southbound again and I pursued, albeit from more of a distance this time in hopes of not looking too familiar.   After three final drags she dropped the cigarette to the pavement without bothering to crush it out.  I gleefully approached that smoldering all-white butt to ID it as a Marlboro Light, my first ML sighting of the 2015 fair season.  Considering how few and far between blockbuster sightings where the logistics worked out were at the 2015 county fair, I was pretty excited to score one more in the final hour or so on the final night.

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