FCF #51. Taylor Anderson, Blond College Newport Girl, Smokes Two Nights In A Row

While Thursday was my weakest of the five nights at the 2013 local county fair, I still pulled off a few quality moments, and the best of them came around 11 p.m. when I was walking towards that huddle of young people that always forms behind the grandstand in the evening.  From afar I saw this cute blond in pale blue jean shorts with what looked like a pack of cigarettes in her back pocket.  As I got closer, my suspicion was confirmed.  And like every pack of cigarettes that has been sticking out of girls’ back pockets lately, hers was another pack of Newports.  The girl was very wholesome-looking and didn’t look like a smoker.  However I think she was a little older, probably 21 or close to it.  I wasn’t gonna see any smoking right away, but got something much rarer as my jean-shorted blond immersed herself amongst a group of people she was looking to catch up with.  Another girl in the group said “Taylor Anderson!” upon seeing her and they briefly hugged.  It was clear no smoking was gonna be happening right then, but this girl stood out in a crowd with her white leopard-print top and a pack of Newports poking out of her sexy jean shorts, so I was gonna keep tabs on this one.

And so I did, emerging in the same general area and coming upon Taylor Anderson and two friends (one a hot blond and the other a below-average brunette) as they drifted away from that cluster and appeared to be preparing to buy food from a vendor.  Once again I walked away, knowing they’d be unlikely to smoke while they ate.  I made another half-loop around the grounds and returned to the general area to see Taylor and her friends sitting on a berm eating.  I knew patience would be rewarded with this sighting and also knew what smokers tend to crave once they finish eating.  And sure enough when I returned from a quarter-loop to that berm, I was briefly horrified to see they were gone….but then relieved when I looked up to the same huddle where I saw her originally to see Taylor Anderson smoking one of her Newports.

And she was a sexy smoker too.  I sat at that berm and even though her group was further away than I would have preferred, I got to see nearly every drag, all of which were nicely timed and some of which were substantial no-handlebars drags.  While her exhales weren’t out of this world, her hold times were quite lengthy and I would sometimes wonder if I missed the exhale, only to see the smoke finally flowing from her face a couple of seconds later.  Unfortunately, she walked to the garbage can, crushed the cigarette out on the pavement, and then threw it away, although I guess I already knew it was a Newport.  Still, a very nice reward for my half hour or more of effort with Ms. Anderson.

The following night, around the same time, I was walking near the front edge of the midway when I spotted from a distance this very attractive 21ish blond who was hovering among friends and wielding a cigarette.  She was wearing a black blouse and dark jeans that fit her nicely.  Even from afar, there was a deja vu factor to her but it wasn’t until I got up close that I knew who it was…..Taylor Anderson from the night before!  Suffice it to say her darker outfit tonight contrasted so much with last night’s white leopard print top and pale jean shorts that it wasn’t immediately obvious that it was the same girl!  She had noticed me last night and seemed to notice me watching her again tonight, so I was only able to stick around for a couple of drags.  However, I made sure to walk behind her while leaving and checked out her ass.  Sure enough, the pack of Newports was stuffed into her right pack pocket of these dark jeans just as they were the jean shorts the night before.  This girl who won me over the second I laid eyes on her continued to win me over more the next night.

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