FCF #46. Adorable Teen Nerd Smokes Like A Champ In Front Of Younger Siblings

I was having very good luck with Friday evening sightings at the 2013 local county fair, and this was the first sighting after the Kenny Rogers where I hit it out of the park, but only wish I could have seen more of it.  It was around 10:30 and I was exiting the midway, zipping out at a pretty fast clip pursuing another prospect that never played out when I spotted this “cute teenage nerd” wielding a mostly smoked cigarette.  The girl looked 16 or 17 and while she wasn’t the hottest girl at the fair, she had an undeniable IT factor with her glasses, her shoulder-length auburn hair, her gray sweatshirt (it was damn cold that night) and her jean shorts.  With her IT factor, I’d rate her a solid 8.5 on the beauty spectrum, even though a casual first impression would have problem rated her more like a 7.  Also adding to the cache of this sighting was that she was in the company of a girl who looked similar to her who I figured was a sister that was probably a year younger, and a young blond boy of about 12 who I assumed was her brother seeing as how he wouldn’t be hanging out with these older girls unless they were related.

And this underage girl wasn’t like the group of cowards the previous night hiding behind the carnival rides when they went out for a smoke….she was smoking right there at the front edge of the midway on a busy street in the center of the fairgrounds, right there for everyone to see.  And at least one person did see, looking down to her young hand and noticing the cigarette that looked so out of place in it.  I was trying to score a photo of this hot shit since it was so precious but wasn’t able to pull it off, and ended up not paying as close of attention as I should have to the first two of her three exhales.  But luckily I gave up on the photo-taking and hung back to enjoy the sighting’s awesome final act…..

She inserted the stub of the cigarette into her mouth and took a solid drag.  She held the smoke inside for an impressive amount of time before I watched a very slow trickle of smoke flow from her mouth and nose, slowly building steam and pouring out for about three seconds…..and then wrapping up with one of those giant blasts of leftover smoke that just squeezed out towards the tail end of her exhale.  And this girl was no older than 17!  She outsmoked every one of the veteran smoker ladies in the beer gardens earlier that night!  And she still wasn’t done as she piggishly dropped her cigarette butt to the pavement in front of her and then released a nice juicy lugie as a final flourish.

Now I was too mesmerized watching her myself to know if the younger sister and brother were watching her as well, but the only thing going through my head with the final observation of this family dynamic is that I bet the younger sister wants to smoke like Big Sis someday soon…and that the younger brother’s sexual identity is probably being corrupted forever by watching Big Sis’s stinky teen smoking shows all the time, complete with all the bells and whistles I just witnessed with just one damn drag!  The trio cooperated by drifting off and I was able to identify the butt  It was a Camel Light.  I desperately wanted to see this group again so I could study that smoker girl more and the odds seemed in my favor that I’d get that chance….but sadly I never saw them again.

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