FCF #45. Mommy In Black Boots Smokes While Baby Girl Takes Bathroom Break

The first three nights of my early August local county fair were particularly epic in 2012, and the best night of all was Thursday, with one of several classic sightings from the evening transpiring at around 7:45 as I sat in my favorite spot of the grandstand awaiting the concert by country group Thompson Square and my friend Corey to arrive, all while keeping close tabs on the quasi-smoking area just below where I sat and scoring big-time…

A long-haired mid-20s dark brunette was exiting the grandstand in the company of a young girl who looked about five.  Mom had a very glamorous air about her and was wearing a short dress with a pair of jean shorts underneath, but two things really spiked her sex appeal.  Beneath the jean shorts she was wearing black style boots with spiked heels that went all the up to her knees.  You can’t even imagine how sexy they looked.  Also raising her sex appeal was the fact that she was walking outside carrying her wallet and her pack of Marlboro Smooths.  I watched her extract a cigarette from the pack as she walked out the gate with the daughter, but I was about to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum that would have been far more childish than anything the five-year-old daughter could have thrown when she walked right past the smoking area. But all was not lost as she was merely stopping at the rib booth just outside to buy dinner for the daughter.  After making the purchase, mommy lit up her Marlboro Smooth.  It was clear she was a very adept smoker, and at this point she was approaching the smoking area.  Even though the daughter had just purchased the food, she had to use the port-a-potty, leading her to hold up the pork sandwich (or whatever it was) to mom.  Mom placed the cork-filter cigarette in the corner of her mouth for a wickedly hot dangle as the daughter handed her the food and went in the port-a-potty.

Mom was literally right in front of me smoking, so I got to see her very close-up.  Facially she was probably a 7….not quite as gorgeous as her sultry presentation would suggest but the presentation won me over.  I got to see three drags and a pretty solid smoking style while she waited for the daughter.  As soon as the port-a-potty door opened, Mom placed the cigarette back into the corner of her mouth dangling it for several seconds while holding out the sandwich for the daughter to take back, and then capstoned the moment by asking the daughter through a talking dangle if she washed her hands.  Now the sighting was coming to a close, but as great as the overall pedigree of this sighting was, with the talking dangles and the incredible example being set for the daughter, the best image of all was yet to come.  Mom took two more drags as she approached the grandstand gate before dropping the cigarette to the ground and then using that spiky-heeled high leather boot to squash out the cigarette before heading back inside.  I have fantasized about the image of her crushing out her cigarette with that bootheel regularly in the nearly five months since this sighting transpired.

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