FCF #70. “Deep Trouble” Smoking Blond On The Midway Gets Called Out By Carny

The 2008 local county fair had its moments of delivering that good and Friday evening after the grandstand concert was one of those moments.  I had already scored a blockbuster duo of mid-teens sneaking a smoke in the dark that shows up elsewhere on the blog, and the next sighting to raise eyebrows about 20 minutes later was another teen girl sighting that took place on the midway.

There were two moderately attractive 16-17 year old blondes walking past the carnival games and I was fairly surprised to see a cigarette in the young hands of the taller girl, with her long blond hair running down the back of her sweatshirt, as the girl looked pretty wholesome and didn’t fit the image of a smoker.  After walking past them, I reversed course and followed at a comfortable distance.  This smoker girl’s illegal tobacco consumption on such public display was quite a contrast after having seen the previous groups of young smokers going out of their way to stay under the radar when they were smoking, and right away I was getting excited about how shameless she was. As I proceeded in the aftermath, one of the carnies took note of the girl’s display as well, looking at them walking by and saying “Now this looks like trouble and deep trouble!” to which they kept on walking but let out a brief moment of giggling. I suppose he probably said that to a lot of teen girls proceeding down the midway while beckoning them to play a game, but I still wondered if seeing the cigarette in the wholesome blond’s hand compelled him to specifically make the comment in that instance.

I followed the girls to the long line of a food vendor stand, where the smoker would continue puffing on her cigarette unashamedly as she stood in line. It was very refreshing, no pun intended, to observe an underage smoker girl with no inhibitions about not only revealing herself as a smoker to a line full of mostly adults, but also expose them to the deadly carcinogens that her cigarette consumption was producing.

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