FCF #41. Brunette Smoker Babe Gets Sweet Goodnight Kiss From Nonsmoking Boyfriend

There were no unproductive nights at my local county fair in 2012, but the least impressive of the five was Friday night.  However, even that one delivered in the final half hour of the evening as I was exploring the midway.  Sitting on a bench about halfway through the midway were two 17ish brunettes….including this knockout in a black T-shirt and jean shorts with her dark brown hair puffed up in front.  I had seen this girl on the grounds earlier in the day and thought to myself what a hot smoker she’d be.  Well my wish was the fair’s demand as she was sitting on this bench with her less attractive, nonsmoking friend puffing away.  It wasn’t perfect, but there was an open bench about 20 yards away and I had a good vantage point.

Now this girl was a smoker…with the best style of the night.  Her drags were a solid four seconds and her exhales were creamy and cloudy…but her most memorable style point was her hold times.  Now my instinct was that this girl was a smoker the first time I laid eyes on her, but sitting there watching her I just had the feeling she was either a rookie smoker or a social smoker…so imagine how caught off-guard I was when she held the smoke in her black little lungs for four seconds after every drag.  God I love cigarettes!

Much as I was enjoying the show of just the two of them, the same old story played out when two guys their age stopped in front of them.  The guys who looked about the same age as the girls (17ish) weren’t smoking but my little brunette cutie just kept puffing away on her cigarette as they talked.  I was at first annoyed by this but it definitely had a happy ending.  The guys talked to the girls for about two minutes and then started walking away….but something held the one guy back.  He turned around and went back to the brunette smoker….and then knelt down and kissed her ashtray-mouthed lips.  I would have paid $1,000 to experience what that guy just got for free as he then resumed walking away with his guy friend, undoubtedly not even realizing what a lucky bastard he is.  This just left the two girls sitting there again, and my brunette took the final few drags from her cigarette, exhibiting the same impressive style with every drag before dropping the cigarette to the dirt and casually crushing out the cherry.  Nothing would stop me from identifying this cigarette butt…..except of course if the girls never, ever moved.  And they didn’t!  I couldn’t just sit here on a bench in this midway full of teenagers indefinitely without arousing suspicion so I had to take off and hope I could return and identify the butt.

I made another loop around the grounds, noticing a larger-than-previous-nights cohort of police officers were starting to eyeball me a little closer, resuming their suspicions that led them to confront me last year.  It was almost 11:30 and I had to get out of here but not without going to the midway to identify my prize.  The bench was open….and although it took me a moment, I found the cork filter Marlboro Black butt in the dirt…the only cigarette butt around and it was smoked by the evening’s hottest girl.

As I completed that final midway loop, I got one last treat walking past the 17ish brunette girl of the night who was hand in hand with the boyfriend who got the stinky kiss from her about 10 minutes earlier.  Very impressive girl.


2013 Update:  My Saturday night at the 2013 FCF was extremely successful and a run through the midway around 10:30 produced a familiar–and beautiful–face, a teen brunette with a poofy hairdo hanging out with three guys.  The combination of her look and her hairdo leave me at least 90% confident that it was the brunette from last year smoking a Marlboro Smooth on a bench in the midway who got a kiss on the lips from a nonsmoking boyfriend as he walked away.  This sighting wouldn’t be as memorable because it was a shared cigarette sighting, and I would only see one drag from her before she passed it on to one of the guys.  But she had one big moment even after that one drag, as apparently teasingly, she made a purposely exaggerated persed-lipped exhale while shaking her head for the guy’s benefit, smoke flowing from her face as she showed off.  Not sure what the storyline was here, but it was yet another FCF girl who has managed to do sexy stuff in multiple years.  Once the guy got his hands on the cigarette and took a couple of drags, I didn’t stick around for more, but was pleased to see yet another legacy girl keeping the stink alive.

2014 and 2015 Updates:  I saw this girl again at the 2014 FCF and she was well over eight months pregnant.  No smoking transpired but she has such a distinguished look about her that I definitely knew it was her.  But then in 2015 I saw her and the presumed baby daddy circling around the fairgrounds in a stroller on their Wednesday night at the fair.  I was patient and kept spotting them but finally got lucky when I found them on a bench behind the farm equipment where she was enjoying a cigarette that I could tell from the pack was a Marlboro Light Menthol.  The boyfriend/baby daddy wasn’t smoking at all.  I didn’t get to see much of performance and arrived only in time for the final couple of drags before they got up to leave, but it was heartwarming to see that she was still smoking after having her baby.

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