FCF #33: Wholesome Cowgirl In Skin-Tight Jeans Nearly Torches Preteen Girl’s Ass With Marlboro

My local county fair lacked its usual oomph in 2015 but the best night was definitely Thursday night when contemporary country artist Tyler Farr drew a favorable demographic, and the action started literally the moment after I arrived.  I crossed the street from my grandma’s place to enter the gates not really expecting much, not recognizing that the day was about to begin in a dramatic way with a sighting that mirrored–albeit less dramatically in both instances–the course of my two most epic sightings from 2013, both in my all-time FCF top-10.  And it all started with me observing a country girl sexpot in a group of four entering the gates, a long-haired light brunette who stood out among the foursome for both her beauty and her tight body draped in skin-tight blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots, with a red flannel shirt on top.  The presentation drew me in, but I never gave a second thought to possible tobacco use until I walked in through the gate myself moments later.  Suddenly, the hottest girl of the group was standing there waiting for her other three friends to join her….with a half-smoked cork filter cigarette protruding from her fingers.  I’m sure other fairgoers pass by the ticket takers at the gate with cigarettes in hand over the course of the five-day fair, but I bet few are as beautiful and sexy as her!  Just like Marla Sokoloff 2.0 in 2013, the games had begun at the starting gate tonight, and I was rarin’ to go!

My light brunette was a curious and adorable mix of wholesome country girl and subdued badass, the kind of girl with IT factor who you know is likely to be in your countdown the moment you spot her smoking.  As for her friends, there was an attractive blond with a similar country girl outfit who was the next best-looking.  The other two were dark brunettes, neither of which did much for me although one was prettier than the other and the other one held a pack of Camel Menthol Lights in her hand.  Back to the main event girl, I got to see a couple of her drags and they were satisfying, but I made a bold effort to ready my new camera phone for some shots and probably missed a couple more drags in the process of preparing for snapshots.  I got a couple solid pics of her world-class backside before walking parallel to her attempting a bold maneuver of getting an upclose shot of her at my side….and it would have worked….except I don’t yet have the subtleties of my less-user-friendly-than-the-last-one camera phone down and my left hand was covering the upper portion of the lens, leaving only her legs in the shots.  Grrr!  And I could tell by the way she was holding her cigarette that she had snuffed out the cherry and finished it, holding onto it until she got to the next garbage can.  Sure enough, at the next garbage can she tossed the butt inside.  As I passed, I looked inside and immediately spotted the cork filter butt lying inside an empty tub of food and IDed it as a Marlboro Red.  Now that’s the way to start a day at the county fair!

Unfortunately I’d run into more obstacles right away as I lost the group in the crowd while stopping to ID the butt.  I spent about a half hour traversing the grounds looking for this girl as right away I sensed something special about her and needed more than what I saw from her thus far to qualify a top-tier blog-worthy sighting.  As I tried to retrace my steps to figure out where she could have vanished to, it hit me that she and the friends may have gone into the beer gardens.  The reason I didn’t think of this before is because the girls didn’t seem 21.  My light brunette country girl in particular seemed more like 19.  But after about a half hour, I got sweet relief when I spotted the four friends outside the beer gardens briefly and I was able to snap a couple pretty good frontal pics (albeit nonsmoking) before they headed back into the beer gardens.  While the beer gardens wasn’t an ideal place for them to spend much of the evening, I could at least keep tabs on them from my seat in the grandstand during the show, albeit it at a long distance.

I took my seat earlier than usual that night in attempt to keep tabs on the country girl brunette and her friends who I saw go inside.  Unfortunately, they found a distant back table inside the beer gardens where even in the remaining daylight hours I was unable to see them, and the best I could do was watch their hands which were unobstructed by the overhead canopy in hopes that those hands would be in possession of a cigarette.  At one point I even did the unthinkable and abandoned my cherished grandstand seat to a place closer to the stage where I could look inside the beer gardens from a different angle.  This worked to an extent, but when none of the girls (or the smart young fellows who found them) lit up I decided to go back to my old seat.

At around 9:15, another smoker girl’s departure from the grandstand led to my following her and scoring a nice sighting in the process, but my attention was diverted elsewhere moments later as the girl who captured my imagination at the very beginning of the night  was exiting the beer gardens with her female friends and a couple of guys they either just met inside or were already friends with.  It was obvious my light brunette cowgirl had a few beers in her at this point as she was acting a little silly.  She didn’t light up right away but I had a strong expectation that she would and I had a great location at this bench to watch.  It took about three minutes before her friend with a purse broke out a pack of Marlboro Reds and handed her a cigarette and a lighter.  The moment I had been waiting for since I set foot on the grounds had arrived and she was lighting up, releasing a doozy of a skyward exhale after the light-up.

Seeing this tight package of a young female in such tight jeans with that long freshly lit cigarette protruding from her fingers got my adrenaline rushing every bit as much as I hoped it would.  And it’s a good thing I was getting off just watching her hold the cigarette because she was much more attentive to her conversation with the friends than she was with the cigarette, dragging much less frequently than I’d have preferred but always impressing when she did.  After a couple of minutes and about three drags, the group drifted into the main block of food vendors which temporarily terrified me as I was about to lose my vantage point.  But the change of location ended up working out and added even more color to the sighting as she was now drunkenly wielding her cigarette in the most crowded block of the fairgrounds.   I drifted to a series of benches to watch my cowgirl and discovered the best was yet to come….

While she still took agonizingly long between drags, she was just fun to watch, and never was she more fun as she was near the back of this line for a food vendor where a teenage girl in shorts was at her side.  My smoker girl’s cigarette was terrifyingly close to the teen girl’s ass and getting closer by the second as the two started aimlessly drifting towards each other, and I swear her fiery chariot of tobacco got as close as inch from the innocent teen’s ass in one brief instant.  But just in time, my light brunette pulled the cigarette to her mouth for the nicest drag I’d see from her, a five-second behemoth which I got to behold in all its glory as the cherry glowed in the night.  Her group of friends was huddled about two feet in front of her after the drag, and instead of making an effort to direct her exhales away from them, she marched right on up to the huddle.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when she released from her mouth and nose a torpedo of filth directly in front of her in this tight huddle.  I’m sure it was unintentional, but everybody in that group was breathing in her carcinogens at that point.  It was quite possibly the most obnoxious direct hit of smoke I’ve ever seen from a smoker girl.

And it’s a good thing she delivered when she did as well because her group drifted away less than a minute later and I had the damndest time finding them as the concert was letting out and there were crowds of people exiting the grandstand.  Thankfully I did catch up a couple of minutes later and saw her taking one final drag before crushing out her cigarette.  Unfortunately, my inability to see her smoking the whole cigarette prevented her from realizing her full potential on this list.  I kept tabs on her for the remaining half hour or so and at one point got giddy when her friend opened up her purse again, but this time instead of cigarettes the friend took out a pair of sunglasses.  It was 10 p.m. and this hottie was gonna wear sunglasses as she and her group drifted into the midway, adding even more character to her colorful profile.  They got in line to go down the big slide at the edge of the midway and I watched from afar, jealous of both the surface of the slide and the potato sack she was sitting on that they got to have such a close encounter with that tremendous ass in one of the tightest pairs of blue jeans I’ve ever seen as she slid down.  From there, they went to the bathroom and back into the beer gardens, donning her sunglasses apparently for the rest of the night but unfortunately never to smoke again, at least in my line of vision.

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