FCF #58. College Parliament Girl Exhales Into Old Guy’s Face

My Friday night at the 2009 local county fair was one of my most eventful evenings ever at the county fair, and my first genuinely incredible evening seated in the grandstand overlooking the smoking area just outside the gate.  The country group Little Big Town was performing that night and their presence facilitated at least a dozen top-shelf sightings in the smoking area, but before the concert even began the place was already a sea of tobacco fumes.

An adorable 21ish blond was standing between the gate of the nearby beer gardens and some dining tables smoking a cigarette. Now this girl wasn’t a knockout beauty, but she had a very distinguished girl-next-door look that made her recognizable in a crowd, one of those faces you don’t forget. She stood all by herself smoking her cigarette but I quickly noticed that the people sitting at the nearest table were in her cluster, including a guy her age (maybe a brother or boyfriend??) and a woman that appeared to have been her mother. How cute!  The young daughter was addicted to cigarettes and desperately needed one but didn’t want to subject her nonsmoking elders to her cancerous exhaust.

The highlight of the sighting came when a bunch of middle-aged men and women cut through the almost inaccessible area where the girl stood, and since she had been looking the other direction in mid-inhale, their arrival caught her off-guard. Seeing the middle-aged woman walking right in front of her, the girl contorted her lips to blow the smoke to her right to avoid the woman….but her pollution instead ended up going right into the face of the middle-aged guying following the woman. I have no doubt the girl knew she had just accidentally exhaled cigarette smoke into the face of a middle-aged guy and was perhaps embarrassed by it, but not a word of apology of acknowledgment was proffered. Priceless!

And even though that was the highlight of my evening with her, it wasn’t the last I’d see of her.  After a flurry of observations of smoker girls inside and outside the beer gardens fence, I saw her again…the girl-next-door blond from only about 15 minutes earlier, still with the nonsmokers that I assumed were her mom and brother….all three drinking a beer, but only the girl having another smoke, her second in 20 minutes.

Only another 15 minutes or so later, I saw the blond girl-next-door just inside the beer gardens gate reaching into her sweater pocket and producing a pack of cigarettes (very visibly Parliaments) and firing up her THIRD cigarette of the last half hour. Not bad for a wholesome-looking blond cutie hanging out with her nonsmoking family.

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