FCF #39. Country Girl In Daisy Dukes Lights Up Thompson Square Concert Twice

Thursday night fetishing at my 2012 local county fair had serious potential to be blown up by a few landmines, the biggest of which was my cousin “Judd” who had told me earlier that week on Facebook that he’d be coming to the fair Thursday night and wanted to hang out.  While a nice guy, he has an exhausting in-your-face presence that would kill my chances of successfully taking in smoker girl sightings if I was joined at the hip with him for the evening.  And lo and behold, I spotted him early and often immediately after arriving at the fairgrounds, always trying to carefully evade his notice, but my luck would eventually run out as he spotted me.  But as is all too often the case, his presence facilitated one of the best fetish moments of the evening….

For as much as Judd talked about hanging together on Thursday night when he came to the fair, he didn’t seem to want to do more than chat it up for a brief while that night.  When I mentioned I was going to the concert with my friend, he didn’t request to join us but just said he was waiting for a call from his girlfriend who was driving there.  I was sidelined no more than 10 minutes before he asked where the cheapest soft drinks were.   I told him the stand outside the north exit of the grandstand sold pop for $1 and he was all over it.  This stand selling the cheap pop happened to be overlooking the smoking area outside the grandstand…and sure enough as we got in line for our beverages, there stood this complete sexpot of a 19ish curly-haired light brunette with her modestly attractive dark brunette friend.  Only the light brunette was smoking, standing there dressed in this red and black plaid blouse and tight blue Daisy Dukes with long smooth legs stemming from outside, all with a pair of sunglasses propped up on top of her hair giving her a touch of a badass look to go with the country girl sex toy profile.  I just got one glance initially and that was enough to see that this girl was dripping sexuality to the point that I almost needed a scoop shovel to remove the sex appeal all over the ground next to her.

I was in line to get my 7UP first and Judd was behind me.  There was a canopy from the booth blocking my view so when I bought the 7UP I told Judd I was gonna stand in the shade underneath the tent…but of course you know what my real objective was.  I moved as close as I could, knowing that my time was limited.  I had a good vantage point as this amazing long-legged babe took two back-to-back drags.  Her technique was modest with average-length drags and thin exhales.  I couldn’t tell if the thin exhales were the result of weak consumption or if she was just so practiced at smoking that much of the ingested smoke was clinging to her lung tissue.  Usually I can tell, but I couldn’t here.  Not that I had much time…Judd approached from behind giving me this “what are you doing?” look.  We walked away for a brief time before he got the call from his girlfriend to meet him at the gate.  I took the opportunity to tell him I better meet Corey, even though I knew Corey wasn’t gonna be there yet.  I walked to the grandstand and entered the show, taking my favorite seat.  Obviously, my curly-haired light brunette sexpot was no longer there, but 15 minutes later or so I watched her exit the grandstand.  Hot damn was she a siren, the pockets of those cutoffs gleaming a glittery blue from underneath the frayed fabric and on those smooth thighs.  I definitely hoped to see this girl again!

Throughout the concert, all I could think about was my desire to see a second sighting from the country girl in the Daisy Duke cutoffs.  Just as Thompson Square was in the final throes of the concert, I would get my wish as I looked up in the grandstand to see an approaching light brunette late teen superbabe in a red and black plaid top along with her dark brunette friend.  Just as she was exiting the grandstand, Corey was telling me something and I didn’t even pretend to listen to him as my eyes were glued on this hottie.  She stopped at a perfect spot just outside the gate and I had a prime vantage point as the two of them stood there.  Out came a dark pack and I’m pretty sure it was Camel Crush Bolds, especially since I think I saw a cork filter.  I could barely stay seated as excited as I was to see her light it knowing I was gonna see her smoke the entire cigarette.

And smoke it she did, with solid four-second drags and those continued thin exhales.  I definitely didn’t think this girl was a rookie smoker, but saw virtually nothing coming from her mouth when her black lungs released the smoke, and upon seeing this again I moved more towards the theory that the smoke is clinging to her lung tissue rather than coming out in the form of cloudy exhales.  Drag after drag, thin exhale after thin exhale, my excitement level was maintained for the duration of this sighting as it played out for the next five minutes and included a couple moments where she proceeded to clap along with the concert even with one hand holding her cigarette.  I did the best I could to mark where she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out with her flip-flop.  I wasn’t certain that her brand was Camel Crush Bold and would have to wait for several hundred people to walk over it while exiting the grandstand at the end of the show before I’d get my chance at it, so it wasn’t hopeful.  Sure enough, well after the show when I went to see if I could find a Camel Crush Bold in the general area but there were too many other butts to know for sure which was hers.  Butt or no butt, I felt fortunate to get such a thorough encore act to the opening teaser this girl gave me before the concert.

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