FCF #44. Sexy Legs of a Smoker Girl Glistening With The Evening Carnival Lights

At the absolutely incredible opening night of the 2011 local county fair, one of the final great sightings of the evening was the appetizer for a two-night saga in which the following evening’s sighting was even better than the first night’s…..

It was around 11 p.m. and I was getting ready to call it a night.  After only a couple hours at my county fair you’ve really explored the grounds in their entirety multiple times…and given that the place is teeming with cops, you start to look just a little too familiar to them when the crowds generally start to thin.  But I wasn’t done yet.  Walking past the bathroom structure, a cluster of five 19-20ish girls stood just outside.  Two of them were smoking.  One was overweight and unattractive…but the other was the hottie of the group, a short-haired light brunette wielding a freshly lit cork filter.  It was crowded in the cluster, but I was able to see her smoke, and she did her best to hold her cigarette away from the crowd and exhale into the sky, but I’m sure she didn’t spare her nonsmoking friends entirely from her stink.

The girls then began moving and I first got to see her from behind, decked out in a green tanktop with nice skin-tight jean shorts wrapped around her bottom….with a smooth pair of stems extending from them that glistened with the flashing carnival lights.  Then I saw her face…what a beauty!  Again though, this girl looked like a probable smoker…but not at all rough around the edges.  She drifted towards a food stand and beckoned her friends that direction, finishing her cigarette and crushing it out a few steps before getting to the vendor. I would have to wait a couple minutes until they left the scene to identify the butt.  I made one final loop around the midway but wasn’t seeing much there, so I zipped right through there and got back to the food vendor stand, which was now empty and I had no problem identifying the cork filter Camel Blue the green tanktop girl had just littered.

The following night at around the same time, I came upon a cluster of 19-21s who really tickled my fancy….even though there was only smoker in that group.  But the one smoker just happened to be….the same hottie from the night before with the green tanktop and jean shorts, whose smooth legs I cited as glistening from the glow of the nearby carnival lights.  With more light shining on her head tonight, I determined my calculation from the night before that she was a light brunette was incorrect…she actually had a lot of blond highlights and was far more blond than light brunette.  But hair color aside, she outdid herself in the sexpot department that night in a white T-shirt and another pair of skimpy jean shorts showing off those killer stems….and a freshly lit cigarette in her left hand.  Damn did I want to have sex with her….

There was no good place to watch but I just had to awkwardly hover nearby to see more of this.  As I said, she was the only smoker in the cluster of two girls and three guys, and she had an impressive technique with deep and clearly satisfying drags, most of which she tilted her head skyward to parse her lips and exhale a burst of smoke into the night sky.  She did that most of the time, but not all.  I caught two drags from which she did not raise her head…and proceeded to simply exhale into the midst of her nonsmoking friends’ cluster.  And she may just have gotten her chops busted over that…..because she was proudly holding her pack of Camels up to her face level, nervously bending the flip box open and shut with her fingers.  I saw one of the girls commenting to her on that pack of cigarettes in her hand to which a beaming smile emerged on her face followed by inaudible conversation directed at the cigarette box.

I couldn’t hover in the background any longer but decided to walk past her one more time.  Given the crowd, I was able to get pretty close…close enough to see the cork filter on her Camel along with the blue logo….that same as the girl was smoking the night before.  If ever there was any doubt this was the same girl, that doubt was now gone.  My favorite sighting of Wednesday night at the 2011 county fair….

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