FCF #30. Four Hot Blonds, Three Cigarettes, And A Walking Taco

Another classic sighting from that Thursday evening at my 2012 county fair, this one coming in the final hour of the evening.  I was walking past the outside entrance of the beer gardens when I laid eyes on a foursome of attractive 22-23ish gals, all blond.  When I saw that three of the four had unlit cigarettes in their hands, I was ecstatic as the prospect of a triple-dip sighting unfolding directly in front of me.  The first gal to light up was the least attractive.  Nothing wrong with her, but I was more intrigued with the other two.  The gal to her right lit up next.  She was the most wholesome and the most platinum blond of the group, with her long locks flowing over the shoulders of her pink top with a pair of tight jean shorts down south.  Now we’re talking.  Her drags were frequent and deep and she always turned her head up and released tight and cloudy exhales.  Of the three smokers, hers was the face that looked least like a smoker.

Still, the last remaining holdout intrigued me most and did from the get-go.  She was a darker blond with beautiful features, still more wholesome than edgy looking, but not as wholesome as the second girl.  She was wearing a thin summery dress and looked like she had a black skirt underneath, odd as that combination seemed.  But holy shit was it worth the wait when she lit up.  The flame of the lighter reached her cigarette and she took a nice drag before removing it from her lips.  I waited and waited to see the smoke exit her face…and finally about eight seconds later a billowing puff burst from her mouth.  Whoa!

For the next five minutes, there was an incessant cloud of smoke hovering from these three gals, and the only one not smoking was eating her walking taco amidst this filthy haze.  I was focusing almost exclusively on the prettier of the two smokers, with the wholesome platinum blond looking so adorable in her pink top and tight jean shorts taking frequent drags and constantly turning her head to release tight exhaled plumes skyward.  But the friend wasn’t as considerate.  Her drags were just as deep, but her hold times were even deeper and the smoke came out of her face whenever the hell it came out, usually in the form of talking exhales or else careless belching cloudbursts that gassed the entire group at close range, including the poor girl trying to eat.  I stuck around at my front-row seat as long as I could but was very clearly made by the wholesome girl.  I left before they dropped the cigarettes much as I wanted to identify the butts, not wanting to get called out for spying on them.  And it’s a good thing I didn’t try to identify the butts because I returned about 10 minutes later and the four women were still standing at the same spot, no longer smoking.  Very rare that I’m treated to a group like this featuring two babes with impressive and distinctive smoking styles.

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