FCF #56. Glam Teen Blond Posing For Photos On The Midway

I was following a group of girls on the midway back on the Friday evening at the county fair back in 2007 when I ended up getting sidetracked by these three 17-ish uber-babes moving the opposite direction. The prettiest girl of the three was this long-haired blond who looked incredibly familiar (I had probably seen her on the grounds before and just took note of her beauty). She was dolled up in a blanket of makeup and was wearing a skimpy halter top and a tiny white mini-skirt…..one of the most glam girls I had seen at the fair yet that year. From about 20 yards away, it certainly looked like she was dangling an unlit cigarette from her lips, but I was skeptical that she was actually smoking. My skepticism proved incorrect as she and her two friends would wiggle their way in between two midway rides and the hottie would proceed to light up her all-white in front of my adoring eyes.

I followed them between the rides and found that the three girls had met up with a bunch of other girls seated on a nearby bench. The blond smoker was a bubbly effervescent ball of energy, and she would proceed to approach the other friends with the cigarette dangling from her lips. I was stunned watching her embrace her friend in a tight hug, holding her head skyward as she hugged the other girl with the smoldering cigarette pointed straight in the air. I almost lost it watching this…..

The bench was crowded with high school girls, and another girl in the cluster (another blonde and the second most glamorous-looking hottie of the bunch wearing skimpy jean shorts) would regularly take the cigarette from the other girl and take drags of her own. I watched in awe as the girls would then proceed to get cluster pics of themselves with a digital camera. I couldn’t help but think what the other nonsmoking girls were thinking as they had to squeeze together so closely in the picture with these stinkers who had just sucked down a cigarette. After they finished taking the pics, they got up and left…

I would run into the original glam girl who first lit up multiple times in my remaining 45 minutes or so of fetishing. She was so stunningly hot it took my breath away every time I passed her. And one more time, I would see her in the company of two guys her age near the restroom structure…..smoking another cigarette.  One of my favorites of a very productive sightings evening.

2013 Update:   I was having a really good night on my Wednesday evening at the 2013 local county fair, even though it was officially a “smoke-free” evening, and the night had a couple more treats for me as I stitched together more sightings during the 11:00 hour.  On the block outside the beer gardens I could see from afar that a duo of early 20s gals was smoking.  The one facing me was this short-haired brunette in a shoulderless dress holding her cigarette in a sexy pose.  She had the best presentation but was nonetheless an afterthought when I walked past her and noticed a familiar-looking blond smoking behind her.  Even though it had been six years, I immediately identified the blond smoker as the high school girl who was smoking while posing for photos with her nonsmoking friends on the midway on the Friday night of the 2007 county fair.  I saw her again smoking the next summer, which was probably right after she graduated high school.  The girl is likely 23 now and still has a more mature variation on the same distinctive look she had then….and she also still smokes those stinky cigarettes she did back then!  She was wearing a bright orange top and black leggings that nicely advertised her ongoing sex appeal.  I watched her smoke and while her style wasn’t distinctive, it was still rock-solid and I appreciated the throwback to 2007.

Curiously this sighting produced another player who would actually go on to be the main event of this encounter, but I won’t get into her sighting for this write-up as this position in my Hall of Fame is reserved for the girl highlighted in the paragraphs above, who I was lucky enough to get sightings of so many years apart.

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