FCF #54. A Pigtailed Smoker Cowgirl’s Adorable Hubris Entering The Women’s Bathroom

The rock group Hinder performed on Saturday night at my local fair in 2010.  I anticipated that it would bring the right demographic to capstone my already very impressive county fair, but it even managed to exceed expectations, particularly overlooking the smoking area outside the grandstand.  But it was after I left the grandstand to peruse the grounds around 10:00 that I scored this blockbuster….

Heading southward on the main concourse of the fairgrounds was a 20-21ish young couple, both smoking, but the girl just oozed glamour with every aspect of the way she dressed and carried herself. She wore a black cowgirl hat on the top of her platinum blond hair…and wore the hair in the form of braided pig tails hanging over her shoulders….I kid you not. A skimpy pink tanktop covered her top and a pair of pale blue skintight jean shorts wrapped around her amazing ass and showed off her exquisitely smooth legs. The girl was gorgeous, glamorous, and adorably feminine…yet here she approached me with a cigarette in her right hand. I turned around in a 180-degree pivot and followed her. Looking at that ass from behind it was absolutely picture-perfect and I desperately wanted to get my hands on it as I watched it wiggle across the fairgrounds courtesy of those milky smooth legs that kept the ass in motion…and the half-smoked cigarette in her hand was also perfectly timed because I got to see a couple great drags and cloudy exhales from behind.

The couple started migrating towards the bathrooms. As the girl approached the women’s room, I kept waiting for her to lose the cigarette before she walked in. And I kept waiting…and waiting. It wasn’t until she stepped inside the door that she dropped the cigarette to the ground right at the entrance, letting it smolder and probably stink up the inside of the women’s bathroom.  I would have loved to have had the opportunity to ID her butt, but the context from which I was denied that butt ID happened to be the rock star moment of this sighting.  In addition to her beauty, I gained an additional respect for this girl after this act of smoker’s hubris.


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