FCF #23. Gorgeous Teen Blond Dangle Drags While Eating Cotton Candy

Wednesday was far and away the best night at the 2014 local county fair, the kind of night where I’d be in pursuit of one great sighting and get sidetracked by another.  That’s exactly what happened with the evening’s best sighting as I was walking past the edge of the midway and spotted a guy and an adorable ponytailed blond cutie who looked about 18 or 19 standing in front of a food stand.  The girl had a freshly lit cigarette in her hand.  She was probably the purest and most distinguished beauty of the night with a face that was in one sense quite wholesome, but in another sense, she also didn’t look out of place in possession of her cigarette.  She was wearing a black sweatshirt (this is Minnesota and after dark it gets cool even in July) along with a skimpy pair of medium blue jean shorts that shaped her ass gorgeously and showed off her slender, perfect legs beneath them….

I hovered in the general area hoping to see something that impressed but nothing prepared me for the show I was about to get, which began with the appetizer of a long, deep drag followed by a monstrously cloudy exhale.  Then the sighting took on another player as another blond of the same age who was apparently in the company of this couple emerged from the food stand, and she was wielding a cigarette too.  Now this girl was definitely chubbier than I’d prefer but very pretty, and decked out in a conservative plaid blouse and jeans.  And as I was acclimating myself to her added presence to the sighting, the unlikely main event of this sighting came next as the original girl was stepping up to the front of the food stand and quickly walked away carrying a gigantic bag of cotton candy!  The trio then began to walk into the midway and I giddily followed….

I had already gotten some anecdotal evidence that the ponytailed blond was something special but I was about to get much more as I watched the cigarette go into her mouth and could have sworn I saw both of her hands free while she did (remember I was following from the rear), and the exhale that followed flowed out of her mouth and must have caught the slightest breeze as it then flowed right back to her face and the smoked rolled past her cheeks and drifted my direction.  Much as I enjoyed seeing her gorgeous ass from the rear, I needed to position myself parallel to her to see this smoking style a little more directly.  When I did, she confirmed that I had seen what I thought I had from the rear….a lengthy no-handlebars dangling drag.  The cigarette was placed in the right corner of her mouth and remained perfectly straight as she puckered her lips around the filter and took a long, deep drag, followed by a thundercloud exhale.  The chubby friend was a decent smoker too, but she was definitely playing second fiddle to the main event here.  But it was then that my favorite girl started opening that bag of cotton candy…..

Now smoking-while-eating sightings have always been near the top of my list of triggers, but I don’t think I ever anticipated I’d stumble upon a smoking-while-eating sighting that included cotton candy.  I really can’t imagine the two tastes blending together well!  But apparently the tastes suited each other just fine to my adorable blond as she proceeded to alternate between stuffing her palate with a giant glob of cotton candy and a deep, intense drag from her cork filter cigarette, almost always in the form of her very distinctive no-handlebars dangling drags where the erect cigarette extended from the right corner of her mouth for a good five seconds.

The trio of friends eventually migrated to the back of the midway and settled in a larger group of mutual acquaintances made up mostly of guys, several of them who were smoking.  This was a doubled-edged sword as I was able to find a bench with a great vantage point of the group, but I also knew that my chances of a butt identification would be very long now that there were so many smokers hovered in this one area and not likely to go anywhere for awhile even after finishing their cigarettes.  But I had about three more minutes of enjoying my front-row seat of the show, occasionally catching glimpses of the chubby blond friend but mostly focusing my attention on this beautiful baby-faced blond doing one after another dangling drags in between eating big chunks of cotton candy.  At one point she even stuffed her mouth with cotton candy before the exhale from her last cigarette drag exited her mouth.  This girl was clearly very well-practiced as a smoker and the contrast between her extreme style and her girly girl face was getting a big old rise out of this boy’s pants.  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and I could see again that it was a cork filter but as expected, the crowd of smokers hovered there and I simply couldn’t wait them out for a butt ID.  I grudgingly got up to leave but it wouldn’t be the last I’d see of this girl or her friend.  In fact, I saw the chubby friend two more times within the hour, smoking both times.  But despite her chubbiness, the girl was pretty enough and a solid enough of a smoker that I would unequivocally bed her down if given the chance.

And about an hour later, I was departing the midway at the same moment my favorite cotton candy blond of the night and her chubby friend did.  They migrated into a huddle of friends on the main street of the grounds and had just lit up another round of cigarettes.  This was the FOURTH cigarette I had seen from the chubby blond in the last hour or so and the second from the cotton candy beauty.  Positioning was terrible for this one as all I could do was lurk from a standing posture and do so for a couple of drags.  But as expected, the drags didn’t disappoint as this striking beauty defied her feminine image again by placing that cork filter cigarette in the far right corner of her mouth and carried out a dangling drag with the cigarette in a straight-line of erection the entire time.  Even after decades of fetishing, I don’t recall seeing a smoking style quite like this before, and I was reminded again why I fell in love with this girl an hour earlier.  But as I said, my positioning was terrible and I had to take a quarter loop elsewhere and return to minimize my exposure.  Sadly, when I got back less than a minute later, the two smoker girls were gone, not to be seen again.  I was kicking myself as I really wanted a butt ID and had I not departed for that single minute I could have probably followed them out of the fairgrounds and spotted her butt when she discarded.  Butt or no butt, she remained the high point on a night full of high points.

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