FCF #32. Stroller-Pushing Smoker Mama Hotties

On a Wednesday night at the 2007 fair, I scored another blockbuster as I was looping around the north side of the fairgrounds. I saw this angellic-looking long-haired brunette cutie in a white tanktop and denim shorts standing with a friend in front of the public restroom. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that both girls were smoking. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!” I thought to myself, unable to believe a girl this cute and innocent looking would be a smoker. My initial instinct was that she was probably 16, but as I saw her friend (an attractive long-haired dirty blonde), I started thinking the two of them were probably more like 18. I stood at a nearby dumpster and had a front-row seat to their nicotine show. They dragged copiously on their cigarettes and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. The friend was wonderful, but I was fixated on this brunette babe as she relentlessly placed that all-white to her lips and pulled. I could feel my crotch swelling…

Then came an unexpected turn of events. I hadn’t even noticed a set of strollers a few feet away from the girls until the brunette cutie started spouting baby talk and assuring the toddlers in the strollers that they’d be leaving soon. These two were mothers?!?! It’s not certain they were in fact the mothers, but it’s safe to assume they were. That probably made them older than I suspected (but they still couldn’t have been ANY older than 21) because their faces and their near-perfect young bodies oozed youth. I couldn’t imagine babies had popped out of those hourglass figures. The idea that these hotties were new mothers and had restored their girlish figures and their cigarette habits was unbearably hot. The girls would crush out their cigarettes and stroll away with the little tykes. I followed them a bit into the midway and got a few admiring glances in before moving on to the next targets.

And believe it or not, I wasn’t done with these two. I would walk past them once more about a half hour later, this time with the strollers resting in the middle of the walking zone while conversing with two dudes….and BOTH girls were smoking again! By the time I looped around to get another look, they had finished their cigarettes and the brunette uber-babe was holding her baby and talking to him/her. That was the last I’d see of her that night, but…

Two nights later, I was engaged in another intense evening smoker safari and since the second concert was about to begin I headed to the grandstand gates to see if any hotties were sucking down final cigarettes before the show. Sure enough….here come two 18-ish babes pouring out of the south side grandstand gate with freshly lit cigarettes in tow. One girl was a little chubby, but the other was an off-the-charts uber-babe who I hadn’t yet gotten a close enough look at to satisfy me.  But as she began to walk my direction with her friend, I immediately identified her as that cutie I saw smoking TWICE Wednesday night…..the angellic-looking brunette who was wearing a white tanktop and denim shorts! And it was definitely her. You don’t forget a face that pretty. This time she was in another tanktop and jeans, but was not pushing around a stroller with a kid. I followed at close proximity in the very crowded cluster of people behind the grandstand as the girls got one final cigarette in before the show. The brunette was an absolute dream. They headed up to the gate on the north side and finished smoking their cigarettes moments before the show began. What an amazing encore from one of my favorite girls.

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One Response to FCF #32. Stroller-Pushing Smoker Mama Hotties

  1. ECD says:

    The awesome thing is that those young mothers probably smoked through their pregnancies, smoke around their children, and won’t much care if their children grow up to be smokers themselves eventually.

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