FCF #35. A Smoking Mentor and Her Teen Cutie Protege

I scored a solid dozen very impressive sightings of girls smoking while sitting in the grandstand waiting for the Hinder concert to start (it was delayed by more than a half hour at this point) that huge Saturday night in 2010.  Best buddy and one-night-wonder wingman Dan was sitting next to me and in on the joke, but sitting next to both of us was other buddy Corey and his girlfriend who definitely were not in on what Dan and especially I were observing over our left shoulders…

As far as I was concerned, Hinder could stall all night as their delayed performance was generating an endless stretch of boffo sightings for me, but Dan was getting very restless as the clock hit 9:10. He leaned my way and told me he was about to go, but I was at that point at 32 sightings for the night and said half-jokingly “You mean you’re not gonna stick around for me to hit 34 and break my record?” I didn’t think this line would work on him, but he stuck around for awhile, and while it took about five minutes, I definitely broke my record in style as a duo of adorable teen girls came strutting out of the grandstand. As they came to a stop on the sidewalk directly blocking the line of people coming and going, I leaned to Dan and said “I think this might be it”. Sure enough, their purses came open and each girl produced a pack of Marlboro Lights. I told Dan he had to wait till they lit up before it became official, just to be a pest. But within about 30 seconds, the girls came through, firing up. For him that was the end of the sighting…for me it was just the beginning….

Allow me to describe the dynamic in play here. There was a guy, who as so many guys in my hometown keeping the company of stinky young girls, was not smoking. As for the girls, they were both quite attractive, but didn’t seem like a natural duo of friends. The one was a sexy blond who looked 19 or 20. The other was a curly-haired brunette in a green top and jean shorts who looked more like 16 or 17. The blond had a slight edge to her look, but nothing serious, and she looked like a smoker. But the adorable younger brunette didn’t look at all like a smoker. Perhaps they were sisters but they didn’t look alike either. Whatever the case, their smoking styles were similarly divergent, and I had a front-row seat. The older girl, likely a fairly long-time smoker, took long drags and produced generous exhales. But the younger girl took shorter drags and her exhales were only modest. It was pretty clear she was a newer smoker, and I really got off on the idea that the older girl may have recently taught her to smoke. As expected, the blond polished off her cigarette first and then proceeded to step into the nearby port-a-potty to attend to a bodily function that was apparently less vital to her than filling her lungs with smoke since that came first. The guy in their company took off too, leaving only the younger girl to stand alone and finish her cigarette….

It was just so cute, as she finally realized that she had been standing on the sidewalk directly blocking the line of people coming and going, and forcing them to choke on her secondhand smoke as they walked by. So she stepped onto the grass and extended her cigarette hand to the left, a last minute goodwill gesture that was just adorable to witness. She took a couple of final drags from her cigarette before tossing it in front of her and crushing it out. Seconds later, her friend/sister left the port-a-potty and the girls headed back into the concert, which FINALLY began at about 9:20, nearly an hour late.

I sat through about 20 minutes of the concert but it wasn’t my kind of music and once the music started the sightings came to a screeching halt.  I bid adieu to Corey and his girlfriend, telling them I might be back later, looking down as I walked past that Marlboro Light butt that so dramatically broke my record for most local county fair sightings in a single year.

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