FCF #28. Smoking Pro Carries Herself Like a Mid-Teen Girl

My Thursday evening at the 2011 local county fair was one of the biggest roller coaster rides of my life, where I managed to score a handful of incredible sightings, all while being cornered and interrogated by the fairgrounds police who found my fetishing routine suspicious.  Here was the blockbuster sighting that preceded my encounter with the cops…

A light brunette in a black tanktop and blue jean shorts that I had seen a couple other times on the grounds was conspicuously walking from the livestock buildings to a dark seating area for a 4-H food booth that had already closed for the night.  It’s a very isolated area and I suspected she was up to no good.  I hadn’t gotten a really good look at her but from what I had seen she was a very beautiful young lady who looked about somewhere in the 19-21 range, but the way she carried herself made me wonder if she was younger.

Sure enough….there were two glimmers of light in the moments after she sat down in that dark area.  The first was her cell phone…and the second was her lighter bringing to life a cigarette.  Now I had a problem because I wanted to see this but had no good vantage point.  The best I could do was stand there looking at my phone and pretending to text message.  There were a couple of cops nearby and this couldn’t have been more awkward…but I had to see more….

Standing there, I got to see her smoke most of the cigarette, and even though it was dark, I could see that cherry glow bright orange when she took a drag, and a few seconds later, even in silhouette she evoked a look of pure pleasure on her face as she tilted her head up to the air, persed her lips and exhaled her smoke into the night sky as if blowing smoke rings.  Sitting there attending to both her phone call and her cigarette, she was literally swinging her bare legs back and forth while seated on that elevated bench.  Everything about the way this girl carried herself screamed 16-year-old girl, but that face….she just looked older than that!  And another of the cutest parts of this sighting was that further down the bench from her in this dark mini-alley was a cluster of teenage boys, none of whom were smoking.  They weren’t right next to her by any stretch, but I still had to wonder if the girl’s secondhand smoke was drifting their way over time.

I had been standing watch for too long and made the calculated decision to sit around the corner, hoping when she got up I’d get a close look at her face.  First the teenage boys moved…and about a minute later the girl got up and started heading back into the livestock building.  I got a look at that face and still thought “20″, but then I watched her walk again.  Her adorable bubble butt was wiggling as she slowly strutted forward, and it was at that point I watched the blue and white pack of Marlboro Smooths in her hand approach her right asscheek…and she slowly stuffed the pack in that back pocket, which took a couple moments since the jean shorts were so tight.  Watching her walk away, I was again struck by the fact that this girl looked so much older than the way she carried herself.  I watched her strut through the cattle barn all by herself and decided it was time for me to follow…..

I followed from the rear as she exited the cattle building and walked outside in between all the livestock buildings….and I just couldn’t get over how adorable her image was….that skimpy black tanktop revealing her bra straps…and that adorable ass continuing to wiggle as she pressed forward.  I was pressing closer when she caught me completely off-guard and did a 180-degree pivot, suddenly heading my direction again.  My first thought…busted….she’s gonna see me and wonder why I’m following her.  But instead, she just smiled and kept moving, giving me one last look at that face. Pretty as it was, I still walked away thinking the face was too mature for the 16-year-old that everything else about her routine (including sneaking a cigarette between buildings) suggested.  I was riding high walking away from my first blockbuster of the night, but it wouldn’t last long as the moment I knew would inevitably happen finally did.  But as awkward as the encounter with the police was, I would have done it all over again for the opportunity to see this hottie smoking.

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