FCF #38. A Stinky Girl of Charity Smokes While Helping The Disabled

Another sighting from 2006 where the context made it especially precious. Early that Thursday evening, I was standing in line for the first of two grandstand concerts by now country superstar Miranda Lambert back when she only had a couple of hits.  Directly in front of me and my buddy Corey who was attending the concert with me was a 21-ish blond bombshell with a perfect body concealed in a white tanktop and khaki shorts helping a couple of disabled ladies with walkers. I pondered that she was likely a volunteer for the disabled who was navigating these ladies throughout the fairgrounds for the evening. I thought to myself that she’s the hottest volunteer for the disabled I’ve ever seen, but of course once the line began moving we went our separate ways from her and  sat in our respective places in the grandstand.

Imagine my delight when three hours later, I was passing by a food vendor stand during my post-concert fetishing routine and saw two familiar looking older ladies in wheelchairs eating burgers….and the blond beauty attending to them standing a few feet away and dragging on an all-white. She was near the end of the cigarette when I arrived and I only caught a couple of drags before she crushed it out on the pavement.  Delightfully unexpected, and as she went back to the ladies she was assisting, I was able to zero in and identify her cigarette butt as a Marlboro Light Menthol. Kinda makes a guy want to volunteer for the disabled himself if one has fellow big-hearted and black-lunged volunteers as cute as this girl!

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