FCF #22. “The Trio” Of Blonds Obnoxiously Violates Smoke-Free Saturday

“Smoke-Free Saturday” at my 2012 local county fair ironically produced a few electric moments of hot girls smoking cigarettes, but far and away the most electric was the group of smoker girls during the Lonestar concert that will forever be identified as “The Trio” in the years ahead…..

When hot girls start leaving the grandstand and heading towards the exit, I usually take notice of them, always hoping they’ll stop in the smoking area even though few usually do.  I saw this trio of 18ish girls coming from quite a distance away and let my hopes build as I always do.  As they started walking out they seemed to be focused straight ahead which was not the direction I wanted, but as I was about to give up hope, one of the three girls nudged the other two towards the smoking area.  I could barely contain myself from shouting “yeeee-ha!” to go along with the country music in the background as the only girl of the three with a purse opened it up and proceeded to extract a pack of Marlboros (I believe Marlboro Lights but didn’t see the logo entirely) and take a cigarette out for herself and one each for her friends.  Jack-fucking-pot!

The cigarette supplier was a modestly attractive long-haired blond in a white top and jeans.  She was the plain jane of this crowd.  The girl to her left was the glam girl, wearing a netted white top and sultry jean shorts with fairly short blond hair.  She was very pretty and because of her glam look and outfit stood out at first as the hottest girl of the three.  But directly in front of the cigarette supplier was the girl who won my heart for the evening, a long-haired dark blond wearing a fairly conservative flower-print blouse and tight dark jeans.  Her unassuming outfit didn’t stand out from a distance but I was lucky enough to look at her face.  The face was familiar, undoubtedly from fetishing this year and before, but if I had seen this girl smoking before I would have remembered it.  She was a wholesome sweetheart of the highest magnitude with the softest and most adorable features of any smoker girl at the fair this year.  All of this observation and the sighting hadn’t even started yet!

The cigarette supplier lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the glam girl.  The lighter was barely working and the glam girl was struggling to get a lasting flame from it.  She tried and tried with no success.  Meanwhile the wholesome dark blond was just standing there dangling her unlit cigarette….and she was getting impatient waiting for the incompetent friend to light up.  The cigarette supplier then got pulled in two different directions as the wholesome blond took the supplier’s cigarette and used the cherry to light her own.  Meanwhile, the supplier had to take the lighter from the glam blond and assume control, flicking the lighter a couple of times before successfully bringing the glam friend’s cigarette to life.  Alas, all three cigarettes were lit…and the nicotine wild west show was about to begin!

It was easy to relegate the cigarette supplier to elevator music since she was the least attractive.  The glam blond had a modest smoking style overall but won me over with her above-average hold times and messy exhales that belched out of her mouth and flowed like a blob into the semicircle that the girls were standing.  Her face was the most obstructed of the three while smoking but it was hard not to admire those messy and directionless exhales.

But that wholesome dark blond was the one I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off of….and fortunately she was the one directly in front of me.  After every drag, the girl had this out-of-this-world look of pleasure on her face, and I kid you not that she proceeded in picturesque slow motion to lift her head upward with that continued look of orgasmic pleasure when she exhaled.  Again, this was her routine after ever drag.  She was getting sexual pleasure from smoking as the look of satisfaction on her face as she held that cancerous smoke in her black lungs was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of an 18-year-old cigar smoker named Jerica who I went out with once three years ago.  Watching this, I thought to myself this girl enjoys smoking so much it’s hard to imagine she could ever possibly quit.  As much sexual pleasure as she was getting from that cigarette, I was getting as much sexual pleasure watching her smoke it.

Clearly my attention had been completely diverted toward this trio for almost the duration of their cigarettes, but as I briefly looked to my right, I noticed Corey and his girlfriend were looking the exact same direction I was….and kept looking there.  I’ve seen Corey do this before, but this time I got actual verbal feedback that made this sighting that much sweeter.  Corey leaned to me and said “We’re just noticing how young those girls out there smoking are.”  Oh yeah, Corey.  I kind of noticed that too!  I came back with what I thought was a pretty good response.  “Yeah, but I wouldn’t doubt it they’re 18.  As we get older the girls look younger.”  And I was serious as I did think these girls were 18, but I was very impressed that both Corey and his fiancee couldn’t even take their eyes off of these babes.  I then resumed watching the rest of this incredible sighting.  Unsurprisingly given the way she was committing sex crimes against her cigarette, the wholesome girl finished hers off first while the other two were done in the next 30 seconds.  They all dropped their cigarettes to the ground right below their feet, and the downside of watching this smoking area from the grandstand is that those butts will remain in the dirt until they decompose rather than being identified.  Watching the girls proceed back into the grandstand, I had a pretty good feeling I’d be seeing more of them…and I did.

In the closing moments of the Lonestar show, I saw my trio of smoker girls walking out in the company of another modestly attractive light brunette who was apparently the nonsmoker of the group since she didn’t come out earlier.  I prayed they’d stop for another cigarette but were pressing forward.  Still, I couldn’t help but continue watching as they walked away.  And sure enough, the cigarette supplier was opening her purse.  As they walked off, I watched her extract one cigarette from the community pack for the evening….and she handed it to the wholesome dark blond.  It was my genuine heartbreak of the night, knowing this adorable little thing was about to have sexual relations with another cigarette while I was in no position to leave this concert.  And while I’d see more from this trio, I regrettably saw the last of the trio’s main event girl with a cigarette.

The concert ended in about 10 minutes.  Corey’s fiance’s sister came over to talk to her sister and I figured this was a good opening for me to fly the coop, saying I might see Corey again on the grounds afterwards but hoping I wouldn’t.  I made my escape and not 30 seconds after leaving, who do I spot but the sexpot trio that had now become a foursome standing in front of the mini-donut stand.  The good news is that two of the three smokers had just lit fresh cigarettes.  The bad news is the dark blond had already finished hers.  Gahhh!  Even so, the glam blond in the jean shorts was hot as hell with the messy exhales, often in the form of talking exhales, that she displayed in the previous sighting was a pleasure to watch.  I heard her say “I have to go to the bathroom.” and the group of girls drifted towards the fairgrounds’ primary bathroom structure.  I was able to stand to the side and watch as the two outrageously obnoxious smokers stood there in this line, probably less than two feet behind the other women in line, smoking their cigarettes and not seeming to care much if the other women in line didn’t like it.  This would have been a big enough deal for these 18-year-old girls to smoke in line for the bathroom on a typical night, but it was really something to see on Smoke-Free Saturday!  Unless she flicked the butt quite a distance, I wasn’t optimistic about identifying this one but stuck around watching her smoke until she finished it.  She squashed it underneath her foot right there in the line for the women’s bathroom.  I wasn’t gonna be identifying that one.

And I had one more frustrating encounter with “the trio” before the night ended.  The cigarette supplier and the glam blond separated briefly from the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker.  I followed the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker briefly and they ended up drifting into this spot between the pizza stand and the Mexican food stand and talked to some other friends who were standing there for whatever reason.  I walked away from that but about five minutes later found myself walking right behind the cigarette supplier and the glam blond….who had just lit up their third cigarettes of the evening.  I followed them in hopes of finally identifying their brand from the butt….but as they were walking towards those two food stands where the other friends were, I knew I was probably gonna get screwed again.  And sure enough.  I found a bench with a distant vantage point and was at least able to see the glam blond smoking another cigarette.  I had hoped the wholesome blond would get another craving while the two friends were smoking, now immersed in a group of six, but it didn’t happen.  As the glam blond crushed out the cigarette, I thought there might still be hope that after they left I’d be able to identify at least one butt from this epic trio of emphysema girls but I passed the place three more times before leaving and there was ALWAYS somebody standing there for whatever inexplicable reason.  Infuriating!  Clearly if a couple of things had broken my way with this trio after that original sighting, and particularly if I had gotten to see more of the wholesome dark blond, they would have been several positions higher even than their current impressive standing.

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