FCF #49. Most Intriguing Girl of the Night Delivers As I Exit The Fairgrounds

Most years there’s at least one, usually more, of the five nights at my local county fair which are disappointments sightings-wise.  In 2010, there wasn’t anything even close to a mediocre night, and even with very limited expectations going into this Friday evening at the fair where old-time country singer George Jones was the grandstand act and seemed unlikely to draw the desired demographic, I was scoring a bevy of very impressive smoker girls.  But there was one girl that was eluding me all night….

Just before I was about to leave the unimpressive George Jones concert, this trio of young people emerged from the grounds into the smoking area.  All were about 18 or 19.  There were two guys and one girl who I’d seen on the grounds before.  They stood in the smoking area looking up to the concert briefly as both of the guys smoked.  Now the girl had that certain magical spark to her that grabbed me and left me infatuated.  She was not THE prettiest girl I had seen all week, but she had a very distinctive beauty for which you would never mistake for any other girl.  She seemed like she had a little fire in her belly, with most of her hair blond but the fringes in the back a dark brown.  She was wearing a sexy T-shirt framing her well-proportioned upper body and sexy jean shorts on the bottom.  And she definitely looked like a smoker.  Yet she was the only one in her group not smoking.  While her guy friends smoked, she even walked into the concert briefly….coming back in a couple of minutes and beginning to forage in her purse.  This was it, I thought to myself.  Nope…cell phone.  She then wandered out of the smoking area and that was my final cue to leave the concert.

I left the concert shortly after and meandered back onto the grounds and within about five minutes, discovered my new girl of the moment….the blond with the brunette fringed hair.  She was in a passionate discussion with the bouncer at the front door of the beer gardens.  I didn’t sense she was raising a ruckus about not being let in because she was underage….I just thought she knew the guy and was discussing something with particular zeal.  Once again, my interest was piqued.  Any girl with this kind of friend group and this kind of passion just had to be a smoker.  I made a quick loop around the north side of the grounds and came back to the front of the beer gardens, hoping a few more minutes would produce the cigarette I knew she was capable of.  But she was gone…out of sight.  She was starting to become pretty frustrating!

About two hours later and well after dark, I was out of the fairgrounds and walking across the street to my grandma’s apartment where my car was parked, resigned to the fact that the night was over.  How could it not be?  But there was a cluster approaching me.  It was too dark to see originally but it was clear that there were two guys in the front of the cluster.  Yet I heard a female voice from behind them, and could have sworn the word “smoker” came out of her mouth.  Even as I got right up in front of them, all I saw was the guys, but then I passed by them and saw the third wheel in the cluster.  It was that awesomely sexy 18-19ish babe with the blond hair and the dark edges who I had taken such a passionate interest in earlier in the night.  I had finally come to terms with the fact that she was not a smoker, but here I stood looking at her right now confidently strutting past me in the same sexy white tanktop and jean shorts….and a very freshly lit cigarette proudly protruding from her right hand.

Obviously, walking by her in the dark I didn’t get to see as much as I’d like to have seen and was not in a position at this point where I could follow, but I turned around and walked backwards for a bit admiring that amazing denim-clad ass of hers as it wiggled its way up the hill.  The cigarette approached her lips for the only drag I’d see and the cloudy smokeburst that was released from the inside of her sexy body confirmed she was no social smoker…she was every bit the clearly addicted smoker that her look indicated.  I walked back to my car having ended an evening the most exciting possible way.  The girl who most intrigued me all night came through at the last possible second.

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