FCF #25. A Mysterious Duo Of Teen Smoker Girl Silhouettes After Dark

Another classic sighting from 2008, this time on a Friday night.  It came within 15 minutes of exiting the grandstand show of the country group Emerson Drive. So much of fetishing success can be traced to blind luck. Such was the case that night as I drifted to a fairly sparse nook and cranny of the fairgrounds near a free stage where nobody was performing. But my timing was pitch perfect as I watched three hot teenage friends approaching the empty bleachers, with an attractive long-haired brunette among them extracting a Marlboro Light from her pack and firing up. In mere seconds, the even hotter long-haired blond in the group fired up a Marlboro Light of her own. The other girl, a cute light brunette, was the only nonsmoker of the bunch, and sat there on the bleachers as her friends filled their beautiful young bodies with tar and nicotine. Luckily, there was a convenient bench to sit on and admire this scene from a distance.

It was dark by this point and I was in a particularly dark spot of the fairgrounds, so I could only surmise from my limited vantage point that these girls were about 18. But unlike the girl-next-door cuties who were the 14-ish damsels I saw smoking the night before (FCF #26), these smokers were “glam girls”, the kind that probably get hit on by scores of guys every evening they navigate the fairgrounds. Although it was too dark to really study their faces, the blackness added some extra atmosphere to this sighting, as I studied the silhouettes of these gorgeous teenage girls with the bright orange cherries of their cigarettes glowing with every drag, followed by the plumes of blue smoke that emerged from their faces after every exhale. The girls soon finished their cigarettes and walked back into the main part of the grounds. While I certainly thought they looked 18 from my vantage point, I had to wonder why they’d be sneaking their cigarettes in this dark, isolated enclave if they were, and thus hoped to see them again later in the evening.

In less than 10 minutes, I would get my wish as I crossed paths with the three again. All were adorably cute, with the long-haired brunette looking somewhat similar to my ex-girlfriend Dana, the nonsmoking light brunette also being a cutie, and the blond being the biggest babe of the three. It was also abundantly clear that these girls were probably closer to 16 than 18 after studying their youthful faces closer. I would see them yet again about 20 minutes later and continued to be elated at the idea of teenage girls this hot keeping the smoking habit alive in the year 2008.

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