Mall #11. Krista and Her Professor/Smoker Gal With Jet-Force Exhales

Another two-sightings-for-the-price-of-one stunner from that incredible day at River Hills Mall in Mankato in December 2011.  I went through the Barnes and Noble store from the inside and exited to another huge storyline sighting as I stumbled right into a 22-ish long-haired blond in a white jacket and gray dress slacks standing right outside the door smoking a cigarette.  She was being approached by a middle-aged guy who I first thought was a complete stranger but then came to realize was a guy she knew.  The girl wasn’t among the classic beauties that I saw that day but she was still a solid 7.5 on the beauty spectrum with a great slender figure and a “professional” air about her….and the long all-white cigarette between her finger was the definite outlier to this wholesome image.  Nonetheless, the conversation I overheard was the pinnacle of this sighting, and I’ll paraphrase it as best as possible….

Blonde to Middle-aged guy:  “Yeah actually I just graduated.”
Middle-aged guy:  “So what are you doing now?”
Blonde:  “Here today….or in life?”
Middle-aged guy:  “Long term”
Blonde:  “For the time being, I’m just gonna work here.  There’s no jobs out there!”
Middle-aged guy:  “Yeah I’ve heard it’s rough”
Blonde: (whispering in exasperation) “It’s terrible!  But I love it here….which is good because I might be here until I’m 80!”
Middle-aged guy:  “Oh it’ll get better”

Now keep in mind that as this conversation was taking place, she was taking intermittent drags from that smelly cigarette between her fingers, talking to this guy twice her age who wasn’t smoking.  The two were on the cusp of parting ways and bid adieu by saying “We’ll talk to you later, Krista”.  I love when I get a name to go with the stink!

My guess is this unlikely duo’s relationship was either based upon his being a regular customer at Barnes and Noble and getting to know “Krista” simply by his prominence in the store….or that he’s a professor or somehow connected to Mankato State University where Krista undoubtedly attended classes.  Whatever the case, few things more delicious than a 50-something guy chatting it up with a smelly college girl on her cigarette break.  Unfortunately moments after the guy left, Krista took the last couple of drags from her cigarette and extinguished it only halfway through.  The yummy part….she crushed the cigarette out on the storefront of Barnes and Noble.  She threw the cigarette into the trash can next to her and then walked back inside.  Naturally, I was curious as to what her brand was and was hoping to walk up and spot it in the garbage can, but fate had a different course of events for me to endure as the second I was about to approach the trash can, a couple exited Barnes and Noble and occupied the same spot where Krista was standing…..

The couple at first did not seem promising.  The guy was another average joe, a bearded dude who looked 45 or older, and who lit up a cigarette immediately.  Right behind him was yet another gal who not only looked much younger than he did, but seemed way out of his league.  She was a dark brunette with shoulder length hair, a sexy black leather jacket, and a pair of jeans that fit her slender bottom perfectly.  Looking at her, I originally suspected she was about 25 and without the context of the middle-aged husband I probably would have stuck with that assessment….but given that that much age difference didn’t seem credible considering how much of an average joe he was, I gave her a closer look.  It’s plausible she was my age in her mid-30s, but if she was, she was the perfect profile of what any guy would dream their future wife would look like in her mid-30s….shapely and incredibly youthful.  And her mid-30s dream girl image was about to get even more deliciously defined in the moments ahead….

She was looking over the receipt from Barnes and Noble and I was suspecting that no cigarettes would be smoked by her given that the husband had already been smoking for at least a minute and she showed no signs of following up with one of her own.  But just as I was about to give up hope, I saw a cork filter coming from out of nowhere being inserted in her lips.  She lit it up, and as giddy as I already was, I got even giddier as she kept the cigarette planted in her mouth and then performed an epic dangling drag.  And from there it only got better as she proceeded to torture her cigarette with absolutely savage brutality.  The cigarette went into her mouth and her lips got hold of it, with absolutely zero mercy towards its release for the next 5-6 seconds.

And from there, things got even better as she often did talking exhales when in discussion with the husband, with spurts of smoke sneaking out of her face for a few seconds and then a final blast of still-unexhaled smoke even after she was done talking.  Honestly though it was her exhales that were not talking exhales that impressed most.  I’ve never encountered a girl who managed to make their exhales last as long as their rapist drags.  Again, the breathy winter air undoubtedly contributed to the volume of her clouds, but I’m talking about 6-7 seconds of steady and voluminous exhaled smoke coming out of her beautiful mouth.  You know when a jet is flying overhead on a clear blue day and leaves a white vapor trail behind it for miles and miles?  Every time this girl exhaled it felt like I was seeing a 30-mile long vapor trail in the sky with her face serving as the jet engine producing it.  Where in God’s name was all this smoke coming from?  And how does a girl who’s probably early-to-mid 30s manage to look so incredibly youthful if she smokes her cigarettes this hard?  And this was her routine EVERY drag…with me being fortunate enough to witness every one of them from about 10 feet away.

And right in the middle of this brunette’s display, out steps a middle-aged couple with a very familiar looking blond.  It was Krista!  Here I just thought she was on a work shift and came out on a smoke break, but every indication was that she was there with the family as she followed the middle-aged couple to the parking lot.  How adorable to imagine that these very conservative-looking parents are gonna be cramped in the interior of their car with their stinky college-age daughter Krista?  And ideally with her smoking another cigarette on the ride home.  Have I mentioned lately that I really love cigarettes and the females who smoke them?

Back to the odd couple….after witnessing my favorite dark brunette rape her cigarette and somehow avoid lifting into orbit after those monstrous exhales, they crushed out their cigarettes with their fingers and tossed them in the garbage can before walking towards the parking lot themselves.  This was finally chance to see if I could look into that garbage can and identifying their cork-filter brands and Krista’s longer all-white brand.  Unfortunately, I was unable to do either and pressed on….but it’s hard to cry too hard after seeing back-to-back sightings of that caliber!

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1 Response to Mall #11. Krista and Her Professor/Smoker Gal With Jet-Force Exhales

  1. Mike F says:

    Another one that I thought might have a chance at landing higher (I thought top 5) but when I look at this within the context of the sightings ahead if it, it really does belong where it is. That doesn’t take away from the epicness of it. The whole Krista/older professor dynamic was delicious with the younger girl smoking unashamedly in front of a guy that may have been her teacher…and even if he wasn’t, you know how I feel about girls openly smoking in front of their elders. Respect them in everyway possible while obnoxiously smoking in front of them. The 30 something blonde wife and those lengthy creamy talking exhales had to be a thing of beauty and again, if you hear that this girl has gotten divorced, you know where to send her. But what really put this sighting on solid top 10 footing was Krista emerging with her wholesome parents and the possibility that not only was she going to be stinking up their car in a few moments but that she’d probably been stinking it up for quite awhile.

    I’ll comment on the three fair categories tomorrow.

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